The KOBIT Company (Communal and Bitumen Technology) became an important business and production company shortly after its foundation in 1991. We develop and manufacture machines end equipments for reparation and building of bituminous roads, their maintenance in summer and winter time, communal technology for cleaning in towns, refuse collection and at last but not least the transport technology for transportation of bitumen, chemical stuff, fuel oils and propellants.

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Konecchlumského 1100 , Jičín , 506 01 Czech Republic

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Waste and Recycling
Market Focus:
Nationally (across the country)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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In January 1992 began the Company its production on rented premises in Prague. In 1996 the whole company moved to a newly built industrial complex in Jičín (about 100 km far from Prague). In 1998 it gradually enlarges not only its production facilities, but also its technologies. New paint shop with adequate capacity was built, shot-blasting box for a perfect preparation before final painting, then new welding shop, storage areas and also new offices. At the present time all development, production and service is concentrated in plant Jičín.

Our current product portfolio consist of more than 150 types of machines and semi-trailer tankers. Most of the products are developed directly by our development department. To enlarge our assortment we also produce some machines under the license contracts. Machines are usually built in small series or as one single piece according to our customer’s needs. This fact requires closed collaboration between our technicians and the customer already since the very beginning of the project. Of course we also offer free consulting service for choosing and configuration suitable superstructure carriers.

Our products are supplied to almost all European countries and Russia. To support our export activities subsidiaries were founded in Hungary, Slovakia and Russia.

Since the beginning of our activity we focus not only on development, but also on strengthening of our market position. To that contributes our pointed and systematic customer care included fast and working servicing. Main drive of our company is creativity and team play of a dynamic collective.

Since the year 2001, the company holds an ISO 9002 quality certificate according to ČSN EN ISO 9002. In the year 2002 the company’s resolution to continuously improve quality of products and services was proved by ISO 9001 certification (ČSN EN ISO 9001).

You will find the basic description and divisions of our production groups on these sites.

You can look at the technical data and pictures of some of the products following the basic description in this category.

All the introduced products – their technical parameters and equipment are described as we have produced them according to the requirements of our customers.

We are aware of the fact, that some of the stated parameters or equipment could not fully meet your requirements for your particular use. 

Following our experience we know, that for maximal satisfaction with our product we need maximal cooperation between producer and user since the very beginning of the project. It is the only way how to harmonize our experience and customer’s requirements with technical and legislative possibilities.

Therefore get in contact with us and we will offer you the highest possible technical support and will try to realise your ideas.