KODSAN is the first and largest enamelled water heater manufacturer in Turkey, it was founded in 1984 in order to provide solutions for challenging hot water projects. Working in a closed area of 12.000 m2 with over 120 experienced employees, Kodsan manufactures enamelled water heaters, accumulation tanks, air separators, dirt separators and balance tanks. KODSAN as an exporter has reached more than 35 different countries on its exports journey that started in 2002. It has been proving its success in hot water systems worldwide while being the reference in Turkey.

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Organize Sanayi Bölgesi Karamanlılar Cad. No: 10 Sincan , Ankara , Turkey 06935 Turkey
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Solar Power
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Globally (various continents)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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It is Turkey’s first and largest producer, distributor and exporter of enamel coated water heaters, storage tanks, air separators and balance tanks. We started the production of enamel coated water heaters in 2000 and since 2002 we export them. Presently, we have clients in more than 22 countries representing 60% of our total sales.

Our facilities are located in Ankara’s Industrial Zone 1 in a closed area of 12.000 sqm and we currently employ more than 100 highly trained professionals.

Manufacturer Process

Kodsan Water Heaters respond to the needs of users with innovative structure, design and environment friendly isolation. They adapt easily to customer requirements with various designs. Aganist corrosion, inside of Kodsan Water Heaters are coated with titanium doped enamel which is hygienic and durable. The enamel, we use in our products, is heavy metal free boron and silisium based and it complies with European Standards and RoHS values. All water heaters have magnesium anode rod for additional protection. Magnesiım anode dissolves with the aid of electrolysis occuring in the tank and sticks rods also comply wit European Standards in terms of chemical composition.

Kodsan Heat Laboratory

All products can be performed continuously capacity, sudden capacity and heat loss testing due to heat lab that opened since 2011. Laboratory provides laboratory qualification requirements of TS EN 17025. Akrelidasyon work continues. All controls are fully automated with PLC controlled computer in the laboratory that designed using the latest technology products. All vertical and horizontal type water heaters, fast water heaters, heat exchangers such as plate and pipe type heat exchangers can be tested in this laboratory. It is turn on testing of both domestic and external sourced products (universities, other companies.. etc).

Citric Acid Resistance Test

In this test, citric asid solution is applied to enamel surface in tests according to EU Standards. In these tests, citric acid solution is applied on surface of enamel for 15 minutes, eventually enamel acid resistance is determined by the deformation on the enamel surface. Citric asid test is performed according to ISO 2722 standard. Kodsan applies 20 minutes of citric asid test to its enamel to get the highest rating of AA class.

Metal Sheet Quality

Kodsan uses DIN EN 10111-98 low-carbon hot-rolled steel sheet which is appropriate for use in cold farming, deep drawing, single/double layer or single/double firing enamel coating with outstanding features such as good weldability and resistance to ageing in their water heaters. Kodsan also use S355J2 (ST 52-3) sheets in dipped galvanized hot water storage tanks.

Boiling Water And Steam Resistance Test

In this test, the sample is exposed to boling water and steam for a period of 48 hours. At the end of this process, the enamel on the sample would decrease. The limit of this mass loss should be at most 3,5 gr/m2 according to EU Standards. For Kodsan products, this amount is 2 gr/m2.

Paint Standards

Metal covers of Kodsan water heaters are coated with electrostatic powder painting which is developed according to environmental consciousness in the world. Electrostatic powder painting is environmentally friendly. It does not include substances such as lead and solvents. Product is coated with iron phosphate before painting to minimize the risk of corrosion, thus life of product is enhanced. There are no problems such as fading. The following laboratory tests performed on a daily basis:

  • Shock test
  • Scratch test
  • Folding test
  • Salt test

According to Europan standards, with electrostatic powder paint, salt test is 380-420 hours after iron phosphate process, while this standard is 460 hours for Kodsan water heaters.

Enamel Standards

As Kodsan, we are always doing daily routine laboratory tests and according to test results Europan standards are considered as the minimum quality standards productions in order to give our customers the best quality products.

For High Quality And Long Lasting Water Heater

  • DIN EN 10111-98 low-carbon hot-rolled metal sheet which is appropriate for enamelling and cold forming.
  • Enamel which has 200µm– 250µm.
  • Enamel which is based on heavy metal-free boron and silicion and which complies with RoHS values and double titanium doped.
  • Two times surface clearance to perfect before enameling
  • SRM pipes which have resistance to maximum pressures.
  • Polyurethane for insulation with a 42–44 kg/m3 density.
  • 50 µm – 80 µm electrostatic painting, well appliediron phosphate cleaning in order to reduce corrosion and to extend the life of painting.