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Single-Point Insertion Flow Meters

Multipoint Meters

In-line Mass Flow Meters

Providing partial or complete in-situ calibrations, the Kurz Instruments inline flow meters are designed to provide outstanding “plug and play” accuracy on gas flow measurement in applications where the pipe is less than eight inches in diameter. Greater out-of-the-box accuracy is achieved by calibrating the instrument in a spool piece which becomes a part of the process line.

Portable Air Velocity Meters

The beginnings of “hot-wire” technology remain traceable in the functionality and design of Kurz Portable Air Velocity Instruments. Hot-Wire began its career as a simple laboratory instrument; Kurz has models that demonstrate the evolution from those beginnings to the true Industrial workhorse that thermal transfer technology has become.

Mass Flow Computers

Known as ADAM, these “Smart” Mass Flow Computers are state-of-the-art, microprocessor-based, versatile system transmitters and flow controllers. The various models operate one or more Kurz Mass Flow Elements and Transmitters, Isokinetic Sampling Systems, Series 730 Electric Rotary Ramp Control Valves, as well as variable speed motors and position input devices such as Air Control Vanes, Dampers and Valves.

Isokinetic Samplings Systems

Custom by any measure, Isokinetic sampling systems combine high accuracy mass flow measurement in the process with effective sampling nozzles and fine control and measurement of the sampling rate, so that you can be assured that your constituent reporting is correct and accurate. Widely used at Department of Energy (DOE) Nuclear, and Defense facilities, Isokinetic sampling ensures that you collect a truly representative sample of the gas/emission.

14 Products found
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