Lachat Instruments  - a Hach Company Brand

Lachat Instruments - a Hach Company Brand

Lachat Instruments, a Hach Company Brand, designs, manufactures, markets and supports automated laboratory instruments and associated sample preparation equipment for ion analysis based on the technologies of flow injection analysis and ion chromatography. Typical customers include laboratories performing environmental monitoring of waters and air, soil and plant nutrient testing and industrial quality control for such products as pharmaceuticals, bioreactor solutions, ultrapure waters, fertilizers, chlor-alkali, detergents, beverages, foods, animal feeds and plating baths from parts per trillion to percent concentrations.

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5600 Lindbergh Drive , Loveland , CO 80538 USA
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Laboratory Equipment
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Globally (various continents)
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This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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In 1981, Lachat Instruments introduced the world's first multi-channel flow injection analyzer, the QuikChem® IV which allowed up to four analytes to be determined simultaneously. In 1989, the second generation QuikChem AE (Advanced Edition) was introduced which featured true multi-tasking and the simultaneous determination of up to seven analytes. The AE was also the first automated ion analyzer to have a true XYZ sampler, intelligent auto dilutor and a built-in Data Quality Management plan. 1994 saw the debut of the QuikChem 8000 which accommodates up to eight analytical channels and enables the operation of both flow injection analysis and ion chromatography simultaneously and independently on the same platform. In 1999, Lachat continued its innovations with the introduction of the IC5000 Ion Chromatograph.

Lachat Instruments was acquired by the Danaher Corporation on December 19, 2000. Lachat relocated to Hach Company corporate headquarters in Loveland Colorado.

Lachat continued its role as the world leader in flow injection technology with the 2004 introduction of the QuikChem 8500. This new Automated Ion Analyzer modernized Lachat’s FIA platform with a new look. Simplified cable and tubing management, and leak detection were just a few of the many updated features found in the QuikChem 8500 system. In 2005, Lachat added another element to its total solution to analysis with the introduction of the IL500 Series TOC Analyzers. These analyzers utilized USEPA-accepted methodology and features to allow for unprecedented confidence in automated TOC determination.

Most recently, in 2007, Lachat has gained both NPDES and NPDWR approval for its patented MICRO DIST sample distillation technology. MICRO DIST replaces slow low-throughput, high volume macro and MIDI sample distillation methods that require expensive glassware with a simple disposable tube that allows multiple distillations in a short period of time.

Lachat Instruments continues to provide a total solution for ion analysis for customers around the world. Please contact Lachat to see how we can provide a solution for you.