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Lakepointe Environmental Group

Established in 1991, the Lakepointe Environmental Group has been involved in the environmentally friendly approach to the treatment of wastewater with a wide range of satisfied clients in an equally wide range of applications. Through the use of biological stimulation ideas which involve all natural products and extract of select plant materials, 100% safe to handle and use, we work with our clients to target specific applications that target improved water quality. We are always proactive in our consideration of new and exciting technologies to meet the growing needs of our clients and strive to identify and involve ourselves in new ideas and products on a regular basis.

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Post Office Box 1847 , Palm City , FL 34991 USA
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Water Treatment
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Nationally (across the country)
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$1,000,000 US - $10,000,000 US

Our focus is the natural and safe treatment of wastewater to improve water quality. We specialize in biological stimulation, effective in impacting a wide range of treatment efficiencies to provide a positive cash return for our valued clients. Our products are green, safe, and concentrated technologies with years of successful use for our clients.

Our technologies will......Eliminate fats, oils, and greases; reduce odors, reduces sludge volumes,, ammonia, nitrogen, phosphorous, improves methane quality and volume, increases volatile solids reductions, impacts polymer and chlorine usage, improves effluent quality, effective septic tank treatment, reduces municipal surcharges, improves utility usage, is neither a bacteria or enzyme, a 'green' technology, totally safe, and by now surely seems just too good to be true......simple biological stimulation ..... Xeronine, an alkaloid cell growth accelerator, restarts enzymatic processes and promotes more rapid cell growth, overcoming limiting conditions. Injecting the alkaloid causes a shift from anaerobic fermentation to anaerobic respiration with more rapid growth and activity of facultative anaerobes. It also increases that activity of anaerobic and aerobic organisms. We are now the exclusive distributor for AXCELL, AXCELL+, AXCELL SYSTEMS, a proprietary method of injection for biological enhancement of existing bacterial within a wastewater system.
Note: some of our updated case studies and informative workups are now utilizing a wider range of proprietary biological stimulants and especially, injection techniques. Please feel free to contact us regarding any informative studies if of interest and I would be happy to identify the product(s) utilized in that particular workup/case study and provide you detailed information on your intended application.

The process of biolstimulation, basically 'reinvigorates' the existing bacteria within a wastewater stream, to overcome limiting conditions that inhibit the microbes activity. Through the use of this concentrated extract, odors are reduced; fats, oils and greases are eliminated; sludge volumes and related disposal expenses are achieved; and a positive cash flow is realized by our clients.  By turning up the biological engine, cellular activity is increased; an environment that is more favorable to the presence of facultative bacteria is developed.  Through this increased activity, nutrients such as ammonia and nitrogen are utilized, thus their presence is reduced.  Bacterial populations that favor improved settling are realized.  Operations begin to run the way they were designed to function.

Our products are neither an enzyme nor bacteria; technically they are alkaloids, with similar properties to nicotine and caffeine.  Discovered through work in research years ago, its applications within wastewater were, like many technologies and inventions, by accident.  The wastewater system that received wastewater from the research facility, noticed deterioration in treatment efficiencies after the research had been discontinued.  In particular operational personnel noticed the increased amounts of fats, oils, and greases and odorous conditions reoccurring in the collection system.  The results of settling tests were also impacted, and overall the plants operation was not it had been during the experimentation.  Soon after the realization that these very concentrated applications of the cellular stimulant were positively impacting operations, a patent was then applied for and granted.

Lakepointe Environmental Group is based in Palm City, Florida, we are associates of the Florida and Alabama Rural Water Associations, and are active with the Alabama Water Environment Association, the F.W.P.C.O.A, the Caribbean Water and Wastewater Association, and both the Rural Water Associations in Georgia and the Carolinas and expect to be evolving our association through our trading partners and associates in other states.  

The topics and items you will find on our site are all a result of the stimulation of the existing biology of your system.  When you accelerate the biology changes occur:  Odor reduction, elimination not emulsification of fats, oils, and grease, sludge reduction, biological nutrient removal, pathogen reduction, volatile solids destruction, fecal reductions, elimination of ammonia, reduction of liquid sulfide values, pH improvement, organic nitrogen improvements, polymer and chlorine reductions, improved methane gas quality and production, reduced electrical usage, elimination of manual dredging, TSS reductions, improved algae control, and most importantly improved water and effluent quality.

This technology and approach may not be for every operator.  We have found the majority of operations personnel are very skeptical about our approach.

A lot of this skepticism is probably due to the nature of the product and being mistreated, misinformed, or misled, by fly by night salespeople and their technologies.  Plus I think you will easily find in the content of this website and be asking yourself, 'is this too good to be true' and 'this must cost a fortune to use' will be resounding through your mind,  as you go through all the case studies and presentations that I have put together.  You will find answers to these concerns. 
It’s my personal feeling that the most skeptical operators have become our most loyal and supportive clients and provide exceptional references on both the product and our dedication to service.  Remember, a person's mind is much like a parachute; it’s got to be open to work properly.

Our client base consists of knowledgeable and savvy business people who want to provide their operation with improved performance that will enable them to run their operation with more efficiency, improved water quality, and also providing them a positive return on their investment in our product and services. Some of the clients we service are in municipal and private wastewater treatment operations, snack foods, food production, citrus processing, and the pulp and paper industry.

'If you can't measure a product performance with cash flow, then your not using our technologies!'

A Florida municipality began using the technology for the elimination of fats, oils, and greases within the cities wastewater collection system.  Normal levels, from EPA documentation, usually average 60 mg/l, this city averaged about 110 mg/l.  Based on their flow at the time, this meant that almost a half a ton of grease was being sent to the wastewater treatment plant every day.  We reduced these levels to less than 20 mg/l.  Other benefits realized were an improvement in sludge production by reduction of 25%, and elimination of the need to replace odor control media.

A snack food producer began using the technology to reduce municipal surcharges they were receiving for BOD, TSS, and FOG (fats, oils and greases), to the tune of about $8000 a month.  Over the course of the application, these charges have been reduced to less than a few hundred dollars.  Other benefits realized were elimination of degreasers and odor control chemicals, improvements in the aeration demands of the system.  They were able to reduce the aeration on the system by about 65%. They have been clients since 1995.

An industrial producer of dyed fabrics was exceeding his discharge limitations for nitrogen values due to his process.  We began applying this technology into his small package plant and within a month he was back into compliance with his permit.

Citrus Processing companies, a major industry within the State of Florida, use us for a wide variety of applications, which have included, sludge reduction, odor control, process improvements, and utility savings.

An Alabama contractor had an accidental spill of 500 gallons of creosote at a job site during a project.  This spill entered the wastewater collection system of the municipality.  We were immediately contacted and responded with a dosage of biostimulant upstream of the problem as well as applying a maintenance dose after the initial shock application.    The receiving wastewater plant never realized any out of compliance issues regarding their permit during or after this event.

A Georgia municipality had been under a consent order for the past three years.  They were experiencing high levels of fats, oils, and greases in both their master lift station and at their package wastewater treatment plant hindering the efficiency of the operation.  Effluent fecal coliform levels were measured in the 1600's!

Product was applied at a lift station located about 1/4 mile further upstream from the master.  After four weeks of treatment, the fecal levels measured were less than <2 and there are no longer issues with FOG.

The State of Florida has approved our biological stimulants for on-site use in home septic applications, you can purchase product for home septic and recreational vehicle usage at the following website address:  Or contact us directly either through this site or by telephone and we would be happy to provide purchasing information.