Land Use Consultants

Land Use Consultants

Land Use Consultants

LUC is a planning, impact assessment, landscape design and ecology consultancy with expertise across a broad cross-section of environmental disciplines. We work in sectors including regeneration, development, transport and energy and seek to provide high-quality, sustainable solutions tailored to the unique requirements of our public and private sector client base.

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43 Chalton Street , London , NW1 1JD United Kingdom
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Business Type:
Consulting firm
Industry Type:
Environmental Planning
Market Focus:
Nationally (across the country)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Our Aims

  • an informed, diligent, independent and honest service to all our clients
  • a holistic approach to environmental issues
  • design innovation to improve quality of life
  • to be carbon neutral across our four offices

Our Story

One of the UK’s first specialist environmental consultancies, LUC was founded in 1966 by conservationist, author and former head of the Nature Conservancy Council, Max Nicholson. Following a conference for conservation specialists, government and business representatives to discuss how, collectively, they could manage our countryside better, which indentified a huge demand for professional environmental advice, Max took the plunge and created Land Use Consultants. In 1973, Mark Lintell joined the company and his benchmark for sustainability set standards for others to follow. LUC now has offices in Bristol, Edinburgh, Glasgow and London.

Our quality and environmental management systems, covering all our services, were approved by BSI in March 2011.

An Ethical Consultancy

LUC is driven by an objective environmental ethos, evident throughout our teams of committed, principled environmentalists. Our approach considers sustainability, quality and innovation. Helping to mitigate and adapt to the threat of climate change is a priority running throughout our work. Advising on the bigger picture, LUC has a reputation for going beyond the brief and solves problems based on the most sustainable option. An independent company, LUC is employee owned and managed. Often invited onto steering committees and stakeholder groups, we debate issues in a reasonable and intelligent way, giving a straightforward unbiased view. Our clients include central, devolved and local government, public sector agencies, regulatory bodies, private sector companies and the third sector, both UK and overseas.