We are a employee-owned company and has been producing interactive learning since 1997. We are 17 employees based in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Phuket. We are an award winning web production company that creates innovative digital education and educational communication. For us, each project is unique and requires its own specific solution to meet end users’ demands. In everything we do we strive for the highest quality both in terms of content, pedagogy, technology, mobility and appearance. We value our customers highly and it is also our common projects that best describes what we do.

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Katarinägen 20 , Stockholm , 116 45 Sweden

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Publishing company
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Publishing / Media / Marketing
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Internationally (various countries)
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We create digital learning solutions.
We are Learnways, an agency that creates digital learning solutions. Through teaching, content, design and technology we make any subject easier to understand.

What we offer and what we can contribute
We have a strong interest in learning and digital solutions. Let's tell us more about what we offer in our quest to combine the two.

Completed solutions
After many years of experience and hundreds of projects, we have found some particularly good solutions. Solutions that we think more should benefit from. And, as we think, suits a variety of subjects, purposes and target groups.

Reusable modules
To create as good a learning experience as possible requires different types of learning and variation. We have built up a robust bank of modules that can be combined with simple means into unique but quality-assured solutions.

Customized projects
Some subjects require something very special. Then we have no limitations and dare to take turns. Dare to challenge us to get something new, just what you want to say comes out better than ever before.

Our main areas
We take care of any area, but there are some subjects we are passionate about and have some extra points in the field.

Vi kan lære og har lang erfaring med å utvikle pedagogiske løsninger til de mest pent utnevnte fag. I tillegg har vi flere pedagogiske formater som passer til en rekke emner som vi kan bygge videre på. We love being challenged.

Working environment
We have extensive experience in working with health and safety issues, both in Sweden and abroad. We know how to work in the new regulations on social and organizational work environment in education or how to include the task distribution directly in the education solution.

Sustainability and environment
We do everything from tailor-made environmental education programs, apps, major classroom education programs and movies (film and animated) in specific sustainability issues.

Equal treatment and diversity
We hebben gewerkt op verschillende aspecten van gelijke behandeling en diversiteitsvraagstukken. Det er ofte om normdannelse og hvad perspektivet skal bruges når man adresserer disse problemer.

Public responsibility
En stor del av våre kunder er offentlige aktiviteter som vi hjalp til med at introducere, styrke og videreutvikle overlevende til de specifikke krav som vil være statsejede. From value bases to bankroll.

Integrity and security
We have created many digital solutions that help strengthen organizations. From implementing code of conduct to arouse interest in robust security practices. We help you to translate theoretical instructions and guidelines to motivational and learning solutions.

We work close to our customers and are not afraid to test us. Here we have tried to describe how easy it can be.

What should we do?
We lead and run workshops and create dialogues with the stakeholders in order to ensure all the conditions of the project - with the aim of stopping the right parameters.

How should we do?
We lead and operate concept development based on the prerequisites. This happens in an iterative process with manuscript sketches and script in parallel. We believe in giving our customers suggestions to take a stand, rather than requiring delivery.

Realize ideas
We lead and drive the work on realizing the concept, both in terms of content, design and programming. During this phase, several partial deliveries are taking place to enable insight and participation. The phase ends with user testing, implementation and a management plan.