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LENOX, located outside Philadelphia, in Bucks County PA, is a leading global manufacturer and supplier of premier Remote Vision Instruments (R.V.I.) When you invest in a high performance LENOX scope, you will receive the clearest and brightest image with exceptional resolution. LENOX INSTRUMENT COMPANY, an American Innovator in visual inspection instruments, has been serving defense, power generation, and manufacturers by solving their most challenging, and often, hostile remote image acquisition.

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265 Andrews Rd. , Trevose , Pennsylvania 19053 USA

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Monitoring and Testing
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Globally (various continents)
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LENOX offers a full line of High Quality, High Reliability, State of the Art, BORESCOPES, FURNACE LENSES, and FIRESIGHT, our exclusive line of high temperature boiler and furnace camera systems.

The LENOX line of visual NDT BORESCOPES, ENDOSCOPES, and LIGHT SOURCES are renowned for their rugged and innovative style. Our optical systems are designed with the aid of the latest computer technology. LENOX has been solving inspection problems for almost a century, and we can customize a solution for your most challenging, and inaccessible viewing areas.

The BORESCOPE/ENDOSCOPE line offers exceptional value with the following products:

  • Flexible Fiberscopes
  • Rigid Borescopes
  • Micro Borescopes and Flexible Micro Fiberscopes
  • Sectional Borescopes
  • Videoscopes
  • Periscopes

Typical applications for LENOX BORESCOPES:

  • Turbine Inspection
  • Diesel Inspection
  • Engine Inspection
  • Medical Tubing Inspection
  • Covert Surveillance
  • Casting Inspection
  • Pipe and Tube Inspection

LENOX HIGH TEMPERATURE VIDEO CAMERA SYSTEMS can withstand temperatures up to 4250çF and provide high-resolution live video images from inside your furnace or boiler. LENOX has the largest selection of both fixed and portable systems available for you specific industry, assuring you the highest quality, state of the art CCTV system, utilizing the latest CCD video chip technology.

A LENOX HIGH TEMPERATURE VIDEO CAMERA SYSTEM allows you to reduce NOx emissions and fuel consumption, while speeding-up light off. With a Highly Reliable LENOX System you can monitor:

  • Furnaces and Boilers
  • Burner Performance
  • Processes
  • Steam Leaks
  • Slag Build-up
  • Crude Heaters

LENOX HIGH TEMPERATURE SCOPES, FIRESIGHT, FLOAT GLASS FIRESIGHT, AND PULTZ SYSTEMS are use daily to monitor; coke ovens, glass furnaces, steel furnaces, NOx, boilers, waste incinerators, petro chemical plants, and general plant surveillance.