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Lenzing Plastics is the world`s leading manufacturer of polyolefin and fluoropolymer products. As a manufacturer of Thermoplast and PTFE products, we are always looking for new challenges. One of our core competencies lies in the monoaxial stretching of films and filaments. We are as versatile as the material we work with. We offer special solutions in the fields of construction & insulation, medicine & hygiene, packaging, cable industry, automotive and technical textiles. Together with our customers from trade and industry, we are enthusiastic about the solutions of tomorrow.

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Werkstra├če 2 , Lenzing , A-4860 Austria

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Lenzing Plastics - We guarantee stability

Lenzing Plastics has been a leading global manufacturer of polyolefin and fluoropolymer products for over 40 years with a focus on mono axial stretching. Our thermoplastic manufacturing facilities produce films, foils, fabrics, tapes and laminates with extremely high tensile strength. Our PTFE division has vast expertise which allows us to develop and manufacture high-quality specialized products. The divers technology enables Lenzing Plastics  to provide a wide range of top-grade standard products. On top of that our lab facilities recommend us as the development partner to our customers, giving them a single source concerning designing and manufacturing of customised solutions. These innovations then give us the basis for tomorrow’s standards.

Efficient, reliable, and innovative

Our innovative technology and highly qualified, motivated staff go hand in hand to enable short development phases and a high degree of flexibility that allows us to swiftly adapt to the needs of our markets. The Lenzing Plastics team always strives to provide top quality coupled with the drive to fulfill customer needs.

Lenzing Plastics - at home on the world market

Lenzing Plastics is one of the worlds leading producers of polyolefin and fluoropolymer products. Our main competence lies in the mono-axial stretching of polymers, a technology which allows the production of films and tapes with extremely high tensile strength.

The company is divided into two fields:

  • Thermoplastics
    Lenzing Plastics concentrates on the production of films, fabrics, tapes and multi-layer foil laminates.
  • Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)
    Here specialized yarns, fibers and films are produced out of the high–tech material and are offered in a comprehensive and flexible range of products.

Lenzing Plastics is a very dynamic medium-sized company which concentrates on the development of niche solutions to highest specifications. Our company policy is short development duration, individual and personal communication with the customer and flexibility.

This policy has enabled us to hold the position of innovation leader for more than 30 years on a very competitive market.

We don’t just speak about quality We live it.

Quality, as we understand it, is much more than just what is visible as the finished product. From this point of view we communicate with five equal partners:

  • Customer
    We assume highest product quality as a basic  requirement of our customers
  • Work force
    Safety, health and further training are fundamental principles which come first
  • Suppliers
    Supplier reliability and technical innovations guarantee our partners a fair relationship.
  • Company owner
    Profitability and interest on the capital invested are of highest importance for a healthy company
  • Society
    Environmental protection and social engagement are obvious aims for a company which is traditionally so deep-rooted in the region.

R&D as Company policy

Lenzing Plastics is an innovative supplier of specific products for individual requirements. More than half of our turnover is attained by products that are less than 3 years old. Every year we process hundreds of research enquires from our customers.

These customer requirements are the basis for the standards of the future. Short processing times are guaranteed by the production of samples and small series in our own pilot plants on the premises.


Highest flexibility through a unique production concept.

Lenzing Plastics-Thermoplastics concentrates on the mono-axial stretching of polymers – a technology which allows the production of films with high tensile strength. These products are sold either as films or tapes or are further processed by us to technical fabrics and laminates.

We are worldwide the only fully integrated producer of such a wide selection of specialized films, fabrics and laminates!

The applications of Lenzing Plastics-Thermoplastics are therefore manifold. The basis for an offer is a cost performance analysis.

Samples can be produced at any time in our pilot plant in the shortest possible time! In this way it is possible to react more exactly to the wishes and requirements of our customers.