LIGHTHOUSE Filters LLC was founded by engineers who have strong background in the design, manufacturing, and marketing of liquid/solid separation equipment. Our expertise is clarification and filtration technology applied to environmental and water reuse applications. We have positioned LIGHTHOUSE to specialize in tertiary filtration applications and continue right through to complete water reuse.

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P.O. Box 370 , Dahlonega , Georgia 30533 USA

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Water and Wastewater - Water Filtration and Separation
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Nationally (across the country)
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Our Equipment Offerings
This web site includes informational highlights featuring the key elements of the LIGHTHOUSE product line. Additional literature is available on each product just by clicking here. LIGHTHOUSE also offers complete systems including chemical feed equipment, sludge dewatering filters, various membrane systems as well as controls, tankage and pumps.

The VOLCANO Continuous Downflow Filter is the state-of-the-art in sand filtration. This design features highest removal efficiencies, superior engineering, and lowest operator attention compared to any other sand filter.

The CYCLOSPRAY Continuous High Solids Filter can handle solids loadings up to 5000 PPM and flow rates up to 300 GPM. This filter is unique. A variety of filtration mesh sizes are available.

When removal of dissolved solids is the issue, we offer the LIGHTHOUSE ROC Series Reverse Osmosis System. This RO package includes a proprietary membrane cleaning method which is well suited for wastewater applications. Ultrafilters and Microfilters are also available. We also feature ceramic tubular membranes for waste water treatment.

LIGHTHOUSE offers the PC Plate Clarifier. These are compact high rate clarifiers that are economical and easy to operate. This clarifier is often used in combination with the VOLCANO filter. We can put together complete water reuse systems. LIGHTHOUSE also offers Filter Presses and Belt Filter Presses for complete sludge dewatering systems.

Our Experience
LIGHTHOUSE markets are worldwide and include water and waste water treatment applications in both the municipal and industrial sectors. Our projects include large and small flow rate applications. LIGHTHOUSE personnel have over 25 years experience in environmental applications. We provide technical and engineering support for all our products. LIGHTHOUSE offers laboratory and pilot demonstration services.