LightsOn Safety Solutions

LightsOn Safety Solutions

Effective safety training for gas hazards saves lives. Yet, until now, industry trainers have had to rely on placards, sticky notes and other unrealistic methods to prepare students and employees for potential life-threatening scenarios. LightsOn Safety Solutions has the answer. Our Gas Monitor Simulator uses wireless technology and portable handheld devices to simulate hazardous gas readings in real time, transforming training environments into realistic scenarios.

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Software vendor
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Hazardous Substances
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Nationally (across the country)

LightsOn Safety Solutions was founded with one purpose – to give you the tools to create the most effective safety training possible.

Based on over 14 years of experience in the safety industry, we observed that responder training for gas hazards was both inadequate and unrealistic. Students lacked the opportunity to learn from scenarios based on real-life. Trainers were hampered by the lack of tools that could realistically emulate gas hazard situations in the field. Utilizing technology and industry expertise, we solve complex safety issues.