LNI Swissgas

LNI Swissgas

LNI Swissgas is a multinational specialist in the marketing of premium gas generators for on-site gas production, premium gas mixers and premium gas calibrators. Products featuring renowned Swiss quality and precision, combined with Italian creativity and design and ongoing research, fulfill all the requirements of analytical, industrial, environmental and laser applications with the highest efficiency, reliability and precision. In addition to continuous improvement and updates to meet new needs, we also are committed to reducing energy consumption, an environmentally friendly aspect that is often neglected on similar equipment. LNI Swissgas is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified. To insure the highest quality, LNI Swissgas has got ISO 17025 accreditation of its Gas Flow Standard laboratory.

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Route des Fayards 243 , Versoix , 1290 Switzerland
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Monitoring and Testing
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Globally (various continents)
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This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Over 30 years of experience in gas generators and calibration systems production
LNI Swissgas is an multinational corporation that for over thirty years has been a leader in the field of gas generators for analytical laboratories, calibrators and gas mixers. LNI Swissgas Srl is the group company specialising in the marketing and service of gas generators for analytical instruments. Our products are completely designed in-house: layout, electronics, electro-chemical and pneumatic components are all designed in our facilities. This aspect – unique in the industry – guarantees complete control over the product and allows the development of products with exclusive and dedicated features adopting the latest technologies.

LNI Swissgas has always been considered a reference point in the sector: thirty years of know-how, with the focus on continuous improvement and a policy of investment in research and development into products and technologies, so as to always offer the best innovative solutions that anticipate and meet the needs of the analytical sector.


Technology and knowledge that come to life in the hands of highly-qualified personnel: experienced programmers, engineers and technicians who create sophisticated and complex equipment, combining the Swiss passion for perfection with Italian ingenuity and design.

The quality of LNI Swissgas products is further demonstrated by ISO 9001-2015 certification of its production processes and ISO 17025-2008 accreditation of its measurement laboratory. ISO 14001-2015 certification moreover highlights our commitment to safeguarding the environment

Green production green behaviour

LNI-Swissgas is ISO 14001-2015 certified. We produce and we behave with sustainability.
LNI Swissgas is committed to reducing energy consumption, an environmentally friendly aspect that is often neglected on similar equipment. First of all, on-site gas generation reduces carbon footprint and uses renewable resources air, water and energy. Our products are also developed with a technology that enables on-demand gas generation for no gas waste and remote maintenance to reduce travels and their environmental impacts. They are equipped with standby function to reduce energy consumption.

LNI Swissgas people also take care about sustainability with day-to-day little but significant action such as reducing packaging consumption, avoiding plastic and by carefully sorting our own waste.

Swiss Quality Products

The swiss quality starts with competent manpower.

At LNI Swissgas, electronic specialists, programmers, engineers and commercials come from the best swiss schools. Faithfull to the company, they acquired a large experience in instrumentation and gas analysis. 

To insure the highest quality, LNI Swissgas has got ISO 9001-2008 certification and ISO 17025 accreditation of its Gas Flow Standard laboratory.

We also got the ISO 13485 – 2003 and CE certification for our medical gas mixers.


We are present in all fields where gases and gas mixtures are necessary.

In the laboratories to provide high purity hydrogen, nitrogen and air for gas chromatography.

In the air pollution monitoring network in oder to insure the tracability of measurements  or to supervise the good functioning of the analysers.

At the emission or for the engine test bench in order to enable our clients to comply with the international standards and regulations.

With the Industries to automatize their process and reduce their production costs.



Nowadays on-site gas generation has shown many benefits when compared with pressurized gas cylinders:

  • Economical: no more renting or logistics costs
  • Safe: lower stored volume at a lower pressure
  • Convenience: generation on demand, no more heavy handling
  • Environnement friendly: reduced carbon footprint, use of renewable resources air, water and energy


Air Pollution Monitoring

The measurement of pollutants such as O3, NO, NO2, CO, SO2 and HC to ppb’s and ppm’s require very sensitive analysers. Over the time or according regulations and devices requirements, calibration operations are required for each measured compound.

As low concentration gas standards are expensive, may be unstable or not storable, like for ozone, on-site reference gas generation with Sonimix calibrators reduce costs, logistics troubles and keep analysers performances at their higher level.



The specialists words are 'measuring is good but measuring right is better'.

At the moment the thought of an homologation happen for a new or existing engine development, the precision of gas measures is a crucial point.

In order to fulfill the various normalisations, the Sonimix gas mixers are the essential tools. They provide the precision, reliability ans verstility. Linearity and calibration of test bench become very simple.


Emission and Process

CO2 taxes and regulations oblige power plants and incinarators owners to regulary measure and calibrate the emissions of their installations.

The Sonimix gas mixers allow to fulfil the regulation EN 14181 (with their QAL 1, QAL 2 et QAL 3) and to determine with precision what are the atmospheric emissions.

The Sonimix gas mixer allow to considerably diminish the cylinder's number, lowering the calibration costs as well as the handling efforts.