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  • Hazmin Modules

    HAZMIN® is an integrated set of six environmental software modules providing comprehensive MSDS, chemical, waste and environmental management, a database of regulated chemicals, and a material review system. HAZMIN is available in three forms: Online, Software and Hosting. Some HAZMIN modules, such as MSDS Management, RegSub List-of-List and eTask Management are available as standalone solutions. MSDS Management Module Regulated Substance Database Module Inventory Module Environmental Re

  • hazMIN - Online SDS Management Software

    hazMIN - Online SDS Management Software

    hazMIN Online offers Right To Know compliance coupled with superior SDS data management. hazMIN SDS Management software is the cornerstone of a Hazard Communication (HazCom) program for a single facility or an entire corporation.

  • HAZMIN - MSDS Management Software

    HAZMIN - MSDS Management Software

    The MSDS Management Module software is the cornerstone of a solid Hazard Communication Program for a facility or corporation. MSDS management software offers Right-To-Know compliance coupled with superior MSDS data management. The LOGICAL Solution HazCom Compliance Supports multi-lingual MSDSs and user interface Customize search terms to your facility Superior 'Fuzzy' logic for misspelled product/manufacturer names Select from four MSDS Search pages...

  • RegSub - Regulated Substance Database Module

    RegSub - Regulated Substance Database Module

    The Regulated Substance Database (RegSub) Module is the premier List-of-Lists. The List-of-Lists documents employee exposure risks and regulatory impact of hazardous chemicals. RegSub is more than a list of regulated chemicals. In addition to providing the regulatory and/or advisory authority governing a hazardous material, the Regulated Substance Database includes pertinent chemical-specific information from the source. For example, the OSHA PEL's,...

  • Hazardous Waste Tracking Software

    Hazardous Waste Tracking Software

    Ensure that the key personnel are notified in a timely manner when it is time to ship out your hazardous waste.hazMIN Hazardous Waste Tracking Software monitors the storage quantities and days-on-site to assure compliance with your permits and regulations.

  • hazMIN - Environmental Reporting Software

    hazMIN - Environmental Reporting Software

    hazMIN allows complete chemical inventory tracking and environmental reporting for SARA Tier II, Form R Thresholds and Releases, VOC emissions, and more. Federal and state environmental regulations require a variety of environmental reports. The person responsible for environmental, health, and safety has the daunting task of developing systems to generate the reports.

  • Material Process Control Module

    Material Process Control Module

    The Material Process Control Module documents the approved usage and storage of hazardous materials (i.e. MSDS(s)) at a specific location and augments the MSDS with facility-specific training.

  • Task Management Software (eTask)

    Task Management Software (eTask)

    The hazMIN Task Management Software (eTask) is an easy-to-implement task management program and project management solution. hazMIN eTask Software enables tasks to be defined, responsibility assigned, and progress monitored.