Løkkes Maskinfabrik A/S

Løkkes Maskinfabrik A/S

When it comes to plate processing, Løkkes Maskinfabrik A/S has been one of the metal-working industry`s preferred business partners for more than 25 years. As subcontractors we produce single elements or complete finished items in small and large series. We are proud to present our company and capacities which cover more or less any aspect of metal processing. Much of our production consists of on-floor drying equipment and conveyors for agriculture and industry at home and abroad. We have more than 50 years` experience of on-floor grain drying and we are by far the largest supplier to Danish agriculture. In addition to producing on-floor drying systems for agriculture and industry.

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Brørupvænget 18 , Bøvlingbjerg , 7650 Denmark

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Internationally (various countries)

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In addition to producing on-floor drying systems for agriculture and industry, we have a wide range of high-tech machinery at our disposal which enables us to undertake subcontractor tasks for other industrial customers.  We have approximately 50 employees at our factory in Denmark and 5 employees at our German subsidiary, LM Getreidetechnik Gmbh. Today the company belongs to Managing Director Frits Günther Løkke.


Løkkes Maskinfabrik was founded in 1960 by Jens Chr. Løkke.

He established a small batch dryer at his farm ”Trøjborg” so that he could dry his own grain. Drying his own grain proved to be highly beneficial and soon other farmers became interested in his modest drying plant. Therefore small-scale production was started.

In 1966 his farm was sold and now he concentrated solely on production and sale of drying plants for Danish farmers.

He moved to another farm and production was further systematised. The first employee was engaged. Soon the company needed more space and in 1970 he bought the old dairy in Bøvlingbjerg. The dairy was converted into a machine shop and has been expanded several times since then.

Both sons grew up in the machine shop and in 1986 a generational handover was completed when Lars Peder and Frits Günther Løkke took over the machine shop.

At that time six people were employed at the machine shop. This further accelerated the development and expansion of the machine shop, and in 1991 the first production centre was built in the industrial area.


The factory BrørupvængetThe factory BrørupvængetIn 2005 Lars Peder Løkke withdrew from the company and sold his half-share to Frits Günther Løkke. At the same time all the factory activities were located in the same place and a new administration building was erected.

Since then the factory has been expanded a couple of times and today it comprises approximately 16,000 m2 factory area and administration.

Today Løkkes Maskinfabrik A/S produces on-floor drying systems for agriculture and industry. Our products are exported to approximately 20 countries. We now have approximately 50 employees at our factory in Bøvlingbjerg and another five employees at our German subsidiary, LM Getreidetechnik Gmbh.

In addition to on-floor drying systems we also offer subcontracting work to other machine shops. Our factory has state-of-the-art production equipment and can therefore offer manufacturing of metal parts at competitive prices.