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  • Mining

  • Mine Waste Management Services

    Mine Waste Management Services

    With our extensive geochemical expertise, Lorax Environmental is the industry leader in providing highly practical and cutting-edge technical services for mine waste management assessments. In order to develop cost-effective and scientifically-defensible mine waste management plan, it is incumbent upon the proponent to understand the controls governing the mobility and toxicity of potential contaminants associated with the mine waste. In particular,...

  • Numerical Modeling Services

    Numerical Modeling Services

    Lorax provides numerical modeling services to the offshore oil & gas industry by simulating the transport and dispersal of Produced Water and Well Cuttings to answer questions related to operational and regulatory requirements.

  • Hydrogeology Mine Water Management Services

    Hydrogeology Mine Water Management Services

    Groundwater resources are often the focus of environmental studies worldwide due to the finite availability of this resource. Lorax's groundwater professionals conduct hydrogeological studies that include physical and chemical aquifer characterization, contaminant fate modeling, and groundwater impact assessments. The geochemical and modeling expertise that Lorax provides to its clients allows for comprehensive understanding of the groundwater...

  • Environmental Impact Assessment Services

    Environmental Impact Assessment Services

    Environmental impact assessments are essential for new developments, mine closures, and when environmental management failures occur. Lorax Environmental has had several years of experience and involvement in environmental impact assessments globally.