Lowe Engineering has emerged as a progressive and dynamic organisation operating successfully in a number of related markets. Lowe is internationally recognised as a leading authority in the design and manufacture of sample conditioning systems for boiler water, steam, process liquids and gases in both power plant and process plant applications. Many years of close co-operation with the Central Electricity Generating Board in the UK, resulted in Lowe Engineering sampling systems and sample coolers, being specified for most power plant applications.

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Unit 3B, Kitson Road , Leeds , West Yorkshire LS10 1NT United Kingdom

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Monitoring and Testing
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Globally (various continents)
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Subsequently, Lowe moved into supply of complete chemical monitoring stations, or analyser houses. Often including a full complement of process trace level analysers, annunciators and recorders, with fully integrated heating, lighting and ventilation systems. Lowe has successfully established itself into the the Environmental Monitoring market supplying Continuous Emissions Monitoring systems c/w Data Acquisition & Report Generation Software Package 'CEMData', which is fully compliant with EN14181, WID, HWID, LCPD, QAL2 & QAL3 (fully automated). Currently in the final stages of becoming a 'M-Certified' product, compliant with all four parts of the standard.

Independent Expertise
Lowe's independent status allows us to select without bias analytical equipment from a variety of manufacturers, on the basis of technical and commercial suitability for each application.

As an extension to our product range (as distinct from incorporation into our main analytical systems) we design, manufacture and market as a separate product, gauge panels/systems and metering panels, servicing the instrumentation and control engineering industries, covering Balance of Plant (BOP) projects.

A further specific area of expertise is that of high quality fabrication in aluminium alloys and stainless steels. These are supplied primarily to the industrial, marine, offshore and petro-chemical markets for applications requiring high standards of workmanship to codes such as Lloyds; M.O.D.; A.S.M.E.

Skilled and coded welders using qualified weld procedures are used on the construction of pressure and storage vessels for liquids such as nitroglycerine and nitric acid: recompression chambers for divers and marine fabrications from wheelhouses to complete workboats designed and built to customers requirements.

Quality Assurance Registered
The Company has made a significant investment in its quality assurance programme and attained registration, in 1987 and continues to work to the prestigious ISO 9001 2008 which covers design, manufacture and installation.

The QA system can be readily adapted to suit specific customer or contract requirements and procedures and is designed to give the customer the assurance that his end product will receive the attention to quality at all stages of the contract. However, the system is flexible enough not to burden those contracts not requiring a high level of assurance.

In addition, the quality system has been in place for a sufficient length of time (approved in March 1987) for comprehensive quality plans designed for specific projects to be implemented on many occasions

Our Philosophy
Lowe's philosophy is that service doesn't end once the finished product has left their production facility. Lowe's staff can supervise both installation and commissioning, or Lowe can provide personnel to actually carry out fully independent commissioning, servicing & maintenance activities, supported with annual Service / Maintenance Contracts & inventory control.

Training can be provided to meet the clients requirements by a combination of 'Hands On' approach before the systems leave the factory and system philosophy on the customers site.

A vigorous management team ensures that customers will receive professional treatment and at the same time, continue to expand and develop the company along lines which will capitalise on the established strengths and skills of this small, but efficient organisation.