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Luxus Ltd

Luxus Ltd

Luxus specialise in the development and supply of thermoplastic compounds, based on prime and/or recycled feedstocks, to meet customer specifications. Our compounding service covers both the processing of customers` own raw materials as well as Luxus own brand compounds based on a wide range of plastics materials and product enhancing additives. We are one of the largest independent plastics recycling companies in the UK, producing 28,000 tonnes of high-quality compound per year.

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Belvoir Way, Fairfield Industrial Estate , Louth , Lincolnshire LN11 0LQ United Kingdom
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Business Type:
Service provider
Industry Type:
Material Recycling
Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)


Bringing New Enhanced Life to Plastics
At Luxus we have a tradition of sustainable innovation which has driven our business forward for nearly 50 years.

This has enabled us to push the boundaries in plastics to deliver high performance compounds that positively contribute to both our customers’ and our own sustainability goals – reducing CO2 and landfill.

This commitment, together with our proven technical expertise and investment strategy, has enabled us to recycle an ever increasing range of rigid plastics to create highly specified and cost effective compounds for markets globally.

We are independent UK leading specialists for:

  • Engineered high quality thermo plastics from prime and recycled polymers
  • Polymer testing and analysis for specialist applications
  • Plastic recycling and waste management consultancy

 We are committed to giving our customers the highest quality service, for more detailed information on what we can offer you please visit the relevant section of our website.

Luxus - the 46 year old entrepreneur
Luxus was in the business of sustainable plastics long before it became the important issue it is today.
The company began by meeting the plastics recycling needs of local businesses and exporting to niche markets abroad. As it grew, Luxus invested in its own plastics compounding line and went into production finding new sources of supply and markets.
Then, in the 1980s, having developed its technical capabilities, it created its very own laboratory to support polymer development work for specialist applications - now known as the Technical Centre.
Luxus has continued to invest in technology, increasing its production capacity and the services if offers from bespoke product development, testing and analysis to ‘closed’ and ‘open loop’ plastics waste recycling. It is its ability to constantly innovate and adapt to emerging market needs that has made Luxus truly unique.


Our vision for Luxus is as follows :-


  • Planning in the short and long term which adapts to change
  • Marketing to companies which share our commercial values of long term mutually advantageous relationships
  • Continuous improvement and development of people, product and technology
  • Maintaining and improving our competitive edge
  • Recognising time as a valuable resource and managing it
  • Getting things right first time


  • Providing a service to all our customers which meets agreed expectations
  • Developing mutually advantageous long term relationships


  • Defining and developing acceptable service from all of our suppliers
  • Developing mutually advantageous long term relationships


  • Valuing the work of every individual in achieving our success
  • Creating an environment where people get satisfaction from their work
  • Free-flowing information throughout the organisation
  • Developing people and encouraging them to realise their potential
  • Instilling pride in the work we do, the product we produce and its positive environmental contribution
  • Recognising the needs of family and balancing those with business needs
  • Promoting equal opportunities to ensure everyone is treated fairly and reasonably according to their individual merits and abilities

Health & Safety

  • Creating of a safe and healthy environment for people to work in


  • Protecting and improving the environment with our products and processes


  • Streamlined systems to maximise effectiveness and minimise waste
  • Ensuring that all activities add value
  • Collecting, analysing and using only meaningful information


  • Fully understanding, communicating and agreeing what quality means to each customer, supplier and colleague


  • Profit = investment = growth and secures all our futures

Management Principles and Values

  • We believe in continuous improvement and we achieve this by measurement and the use of key performance indicators.
  • We commit to holding regular action review meetings and action logs with our people to understand their problems and give them help and direction.
  • We believe in participative consensus decision making wherever possible because the resultant implementation will be faster, more efficient and have the commitment of all involved.
  • We believe in communicating openly and regularly with staff and following the right protocol.
  • We believe in constructive criticism as a method for improving work together and respect for each other’s ability, experience and expertise. Once a decision and course of action has been made we will not undermine the decision or process.
  • We believe time is our most valuable resource and will value each other’s time accordingly to ensure we do not waste it.
  • We believe in planning and proper project methodology as failing to plan is planning to fail. There is no control without a plan.
  • We commit to improving our listening skills by asking questions and seeking continuous clarification.
  • All work is a process and we commit to involving the people in the process to solving the problems because they are the experts and are much closer to the right solutions.
  • We believe in the process of delegation, as this will ensure that responsibility is taken at the lowest level.
  • We believe in developing people by providing the right level of training and support for them to improve.
  • It is our job to think forward and approach each problem from a Luxus point of view rather than our own.

Work smarter, not longer or harder, by planning, communication, delegation and control to involve and use each other’s skills effectively and thereby produce a product more efficiently and profitably.


Our success has been a result of our continued investment in people, enabling us to develop talent at all levels of the business to support our future growth.
For this reason we have established both The Luxus Apprenticeship Scheme and The Luxus Academy to help us bring new talent to the business.

Luxus Apprenticeship Scheme
Our apprenticeship scheme offers practical workplace experience for young people right across our business - including everything from engineering to warehousing.


Luxus Academy
Our academy provides a practical insight into polymer science and engineering.
It offers graduates a thorough overview of all the key elements of our business including: planning, organisation and delivery of final products with the opportunity for career progression.


Luxus recognises that while its products are designed to have a positive environmental impact, its day-to-day operations have both a positive and negative impact on the environment.
We are fully committed to minimising the pollution and harmful effects of our actions and products wherever practicable.

We intend to demonstrate our corporate commitment through establishing an Environmental Management System and other environmental initiatives. 

As a result Luxus will:

  • Comply with all relevant known global environmental legislation and regulatory controls
  • Manage and minimise waste, maximise use of resources and prevent pollution in all parts of the business
  • Identify significant environmental & social impacts and establish objectives and targets to aid continual improvement
  • Review, monitor and improve the Company's environmental performance against set targets
  • Audit the Company's activities against this policy to confirm environmental improvement.
  • Communicate this policy to customers, suppliers and the public
  • Ensure all employees are made accountable for these policy goals through training and communication of environmental issues throughout the company
  • Encourage all employees to be proactive in the maintenance and continued improvement of the company environmental management system

This policy will be reviewed on a regular basis to ensure its continuing effectiveness.