M/s Green Solutions (India) Pvt Limited

M/s Green Solutions (India) Pvt Limited

M/s Green Solutions (India) Pvt Limited

We are a Holistic Solutions Provider in the Waste water Treatment Plant design , engineering , commissioning , erection and stabilisation. We do not use even a spec of any Chemical in our treatment methodology and has been well received by the different emerging markets. We do follow the latest trends in Bio-Engineering , and follow a lot of Bio Tech prinicples and sciences in all our work. In all our works we never use the Filter press nor special beds , since pour system throws out very less or neligible sludge in Matrix form. The energy savings shown than a conventional design is more than...

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509-L, Red Rose Plaza , D.B.Road,R.S.Puram,Coimabtore , Coimbatore , Tamil Nadu 641002 India
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Service provider
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Water and Wastewater
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Internationally (various countries)
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less than 1,000,000 €

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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The World today is reeling under the impact of environment degradation caused by industries and rapid population growth. Almost all of the water bodies and air has seen a dramatic rise in pollution levels leading to global warming and shortage of clean water. The emission of green house gases has led to a depletion of the ozone layer which could lead to untold catastrophic conditions if left unchecked.

Green Solutions (India) Pvt Limited is a company committed to addressing issues concerning the environment with the cutting edge of Bio-Technology. Nature has its own laboratory where solutions, many of the myriad problems being faced by mankind could be addressed which is eco friendly and cost effective.

Green Solutions (India) Private Limited is a subsidiary of M/s. Saroj Trading Co. (P) Ltd., head quartered in Mumbai. Since 1997, its main focus is to primarily provide holistic solutions in the realm of Environmental engineering.

The company’s major policy is to work with “Zero” utilization of chemicals. This is being done in practice by following a combinatorial approach in Biotechnology and Civil Engineering, a concept called “Advanced Bioengineering”, the most commonly practiced technology in advanced economies today. Green Solutions is committed to the quest of moving from a chemical less, energy efficient and to a more organic world, to improve the overall health and prosperity of all mankind.

Green Solutions (India) Private Limited is pioneering the concept of advanced Bioengineering, to offer holistic, cost effective and eco-friendly solutions for solving the problems in Municipal Solid and Waste water domain, and is currently handling more than 150 Installations.

Currently, Green Solutions (India) Pvt Limited is actively involved in setting up Wastewater Treatment plants using the latest combination of Biotechnology and Engineering. This we refer to as “ASP-ABE, Sewage Treatment Plant”. Activated Sludge Process – Advanced Bio-Engineering for Sewage Treatment Plants.


The Company has its Registered Office located in Mumbai .It has its Administrative and Operational Head Quarters in Coimbatore. The branches are located in Bangalore, Mysore, Cochin and Hyderabad .It has a full fledged testing facility to look into the needs and compliance norms in the field that are being specialized, in Erode near Coimbatore . AN in –house Quality Control Exercise is carried out, which generates and handles almost all the documented Quality Control Exercises – Before and After Erection and Commissioning.



It has a very dedicated team of Engineers, Technicians and Commercial staff to look after the day to day affairs. Today the team consists of B.Tech-Civil Engineers (IIT’s and A Grade institutes), Bio-Technology, and PG’s in Bio-Technology, Environmental Sciences, Microbiology and Management Sciences.


It is a major thrust area, and we have so for been hand holding almost all the customers with whom we have struck a relationship, domain centric. This has invariably resulted in a lot of improvement in plant maintenance issues and also in getting us repeat business orders too.


  1. We offer a hand hold period of 12 months once the plant is commissioned, in any part of the country, along with the guaranty.
  2. All customer care issues are addressed with –in 24 hours.
  3. Most of the issues are addressed and closed, using tele-phone support itself, since most of the problematic scenarios is already self conceived and taught to the operators before hand.
  4. All the customers are given operational and maintenance details – daily maintenance, along with Manuals, which gives a full-fledged note on the preventive maintenance to be adopted.


Waste Water and Sewage Treatment Systems, Design and Solutions:

These specialized works generate the best ideas, dreams and thoughts from our experienced team. We have totally embraced the fast developing field of Bio-Technology with specific emphasis towards Environmental issues.

We have managed to synchronize the best of Civil, Public Health and Hydraulic Engineering with Environmental Biotechnology practices to give a hybrid product called “ABE- ASP”- which denotes “Advanced Bio-engineered – Activated Sludge Process”! , which is a perfectly Bio- Augmented resultant.

In this area of highly specialized work, we use the various Probiotics, Bio-Catalysts and Bio-Energizers for Bioagumenting, with out resorting to any Genetic Modification. These Patented and proprietary blends are tailor made according to our needs so as to incorporate the same in our wastewater engineering projects. It is just not a matter of utilizing the Bio-Catalysts, but the methodology of using the engineering support facilities in tandem with above.