MAFA i Ängelholm AB

MAFA i Ängelholm AB

It started in 1958 when Gusten Andersson in Ängelholm got a brilliant idea. During the past 35 years Mats Andersson has been the owner of MAFA. During this period MAFA has grown to a company with great experience and tradition of manufacturing silos and storing bulk material. MAFA exploit the latest production technique and our personnel have the skill to design all from series production to hand tailored plants for the market areas of farming, industry and bio-energy. Today we are the market leader in Sweden and more than 50 % are produced for export markets.

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Framtidsgatan 1 , Ängelholm , SE-262 73 Sweden

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From the beginning we have put an extra effort in improving our silo line. A lot of details and finesses have been added.

The Unik silo with mass flow has been very appreciated among our customers and is a landmark for quality and function on the market.

We also have a complete range of mills, roller mills and mixers. The products are parts of complete plants for producing feed from small farm units to big industrial plants.

Pellet fuel is a bio fuel produced of waste material from saw mills. Pellet fuel is the best alternative for the environment when producing heat for villas, buildings, farms, etc.

Since 1997 MAFA develops various equipment for a safe and lean handling of pellet fuel.


MAFA today delivers complete plants for bulk material handling for the industry. The range comprises all types of silos, mixers for dry material, transport conveyors, dosing equipment and weighing- & control systems.