Makor Solutions, LLC

Makor Solutions, LLC

Makor ERP`s software provides IT Asset Disposition, Reseller and E-waste companies around the globe with state-of-the-art tools to automate the complex process of asset recovery and e-waste recycling. We assist you from cradle to grave - from prospecting to pick-up, through production, into resale and downstream. We streamline the process of receiving and working with e-scrap using a unique CRM built specifically for the ITAD, Reseller or E-waste industry to better manage leads and customers. It is a fully customizable platform that is fully scalable. The Makor ERP CRM can support small, medium, and large enterprises in both single and multiple locations.

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7430 W. 27 Street , Minneapolis , MN 55426 USA

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Software vendor
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Waste Management
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Globally (various continents)
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Implement a single system that connects all key business units to operate and grow your ITAD, Reseller or E-waste business by helping your staff achieve more.

Companies in your space around the globe are able to grow and take advantage of new opportunities offered through utilizing the Makor ERP Platform.

Increase Productivity
Work smarter with guided process flow and integrated data capture and decision tools.

Control Inventory
Better processing equals more accurate data. Know exactly what’s in stock and where it is.

Compete with Anyone
The market changes. Offer the  services, revenue sharing, recovery options and transparency needed to compete.

Reduce Time to Cash
Automate complex billing, build inventory quicker and connect it to multiple channels to profit sooner

Deliver on Promises
Sell services with confidence. Manage SLA’s and control production to ensure the job gets done right.

Ease Burden of Compliance
Demonstrate compliance easier with built-in reports and processes that ensure data accuracy and adherence to data security demands.

Makor ERP ITAD, refurb and e-waste recycling software provides state-of- the-art tools specifically to automate the complex process of IT asset disposition and e-waste recycling, from the start of the chain of custody process, through production, to resale.