Discover our local and global machine manufacturing, engineering and automation solutions. We manufacture machinery as a subcontractor and, in addition, we have strong own technologies for the building construction industry, including machinery for log house production and for recycled cellulose production. Our core lies in providing engineering, production and industrial automation expertise – all from one partner. With Headquarters in Hollola, Finland, and factories in Finland and Estonia, Makron employs over 200 professionals with 25 MEUR in revenue. We complete your business with our solid experience. MAKRON – A Promise to Complete.

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Keskikankaantie 9 , Hollola , Hollola 15860 Finland

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Manufacturing, Other
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Globally (various continents)
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10,000,000 - 100,000,000 €

Recycled Cellulose Thermal Insulation

Recycled cellulose fiber is an ecological and economical thermal and acoustic insulation material, for both new and renovated buildings. It is a green material manufactured from recycled paper. The usual methods of installing cellulose insulation are blowing and spraying, and no cutting of the insulation material is needed. The result is seamless insulation that perfectly fills the entire cavity. These installation methods ensure that the adhesion of the insulation to the insulated structure remains unchanged over the years. With our technology, you can produce sustainable cellulose fiber thermal insulation from recycled raw material.

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Recycled Cellulose Asphalt Additives

Stone Mastic Asphalt is an excellent surface material for roads with heavy traffic. Adding recycled cellulose fiber into Stone Mastic Asphalt (SMA) results in better road surface performance. Recycled cellulose additives increase the absorptive capacity of bitumen and make the road more durable. This results in better asphalt quality and road performance, and ultimately better traffic safety. With our technology, you can produce sustainable cellulose fiber additives from recycled cardboard or paper.

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One way to create sustainable housing is to build log homes from wood. Wood is a natural building material, it provides healthy indoor air, and it also has a low carbon footprint. Log houses are durable and they have good insulation properties, which makes them ideal for northern weather conditions. They are quick to build and the components can be transported easily. Log buildings are also especially resilient in earthquake areas. Finnish industrial log house manufacturers are well-known for their high-quality products and Makron constantly develops its technologies in close collaboration with them. We deliver complete manufacturing lines and software for log house production. With our manufacturing lines, you can machine either glue-laminated or natural logs. We are the trusted developer and supplier of technologies for the log house manufacturing industry. At Makron, we help you to be at the top of your game in the log housing market.

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Industrial Automation

With efficient automation you can control, operate and monitor your machines seamlessly, and you can improve your cost and production efficiency, too. Makron industrial automation covers everything from the planning and programming of control systems, to electrical installations, commissioning, and installation supervision, as well as lifecycle services. Our electrical control cabinet manufacturing covers a wide range of products and industrial applications. For example, our engineers are experienced in developing automation solutions for waste and wastewater treatment systems for the marine industry. 

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Makron Production

We are experts of heavy production. We manufacture machinery and equipment for medium and heavy machinery industries in project business as a subcontracting partner. Working together with Makron means you have the expertise and professionals providing you with the best possible service. In our production facilities, we have 150 people working in 2–3 shifts. Our Hollola factory includes five spacious halls sized 21–28 x 100 meters and cranes with a lifting capacity of 75 tons, and we can even fit 7.7 meter wide and 7.0 meter high work pieces in the production hall.

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