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Malk Sustainability Partners (MSP) is a specialty management consultancy that guides investors and businesses in developing profitable corporate environmental programs. With client experience across multiple industries, we have a suite of sector-specific tools that help companies identify the sustainability initiatives that best meet customer demands, investor and regulator inquiries, and internal cost reduction goals.

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Malk Sustainability Partners is a specialty management consultancy that guides investors and businesses in developing profitable corporate environmental programs.

Our expertise in responsible investing and business practices helps firms manage exposure to environmental risks, meet and exceed customer expectations, cut operating costs to improve margins, and capture or create new markets for products and services. MSP’s depth of knowledge, extensive experience, and broad technical network positions us to be your trusted advisor who can give you the tools to reach success.

Simply stated, we unlock value through sustainability.

Why Focus on Sustainability

Environmental management and stewardship, often broadly categorized as Sustainability, is a new dimension of competitive advantage that our clients use to manage supply chain and other emerging risks, reduce operating costs, engage customers, and impress investors:

  • We saved a telecom operator ~$2.8 million by reducing waste, increasing efficiencies, and lowering costs that also enabled them to differentiate by engaging customers and regulators on sustainability
  • We designed a bank sustainability strategy including a green lending program to capitalize on the $1 trillion energy efficiency and $135 billion green building markets
  • We organized the ICT for Green Asia conference that brought together leading telecom companies to explore the $1 trillion IT enablement opportunity to reduce humanity’s carbon footprint
  • Our upcoming report on sustainability in private equity produced with the Environmental Defense Fund is among the first of its kind and the only to survey the sustainability expectations of pension funds and other limited partners.

Read more about the advantages of sustainability for banks and private equity in our Environmental Leader series – Bottom Line of Green Banking and Sustainability Boosts Returns for Private Equity.

Industries Served

How MSP Can Help

With client experience across these industries, MSP can help you to quickly identify the elements of corporate environmental strategy which are most relevant to your company, then build a platform to unlock value through sustainability. Specifically, we can help you to:

  • Identify and systematically target operational cost savings through resource efficiency initiatives across your facilities;
  • Understand and exceed your customers’ expectations related to supply chain sustainability, carbon disclosure, and environmental objectives, enhancing your brand and supporting your sales efforts;
  • Build communications tools and lead dialogues which position your company and products as leaders in the green innovation economy amongst customers, investors, regulators, and employees; and
  • Manage sustainability risks related to regulation, increasing commodity prices, water/energy/carbon volatility in your operations, supply chain, and due diligence

MSP can help you to quickly identify the sustainability strategy initiatives which are most valuable to your company and then build a solution to unlock this value. Through our team of consultants and experts, we can help you with:

Malk Sustainability Partners offers project engagements to meet a specific need or ongoing advisory services to be your partner in developing a comprehensive strategy that capitalizes on each stage for your firm. Whatever stage you find yourself in managing sustainability for competitive advantage, we have a solution to unlock value through sustainability for your company, customers and investors.

Sustainability Strategy

  • Leadership Capability Development: Equip your management professionals with knowledge of evolving resource and environmental business drivers and how to profit from them
  • Efficiency Review: Analyze your current operations, supply chain, and investments to identify cost saving and environmental impact reduction opportunities, then prioritize projects with highest returns
  • Efficiency Execution: Implement opportunities from an Efficiency Review with skilled project management of initiatives ranging from facilities retro-commissioning to energy optimization of IT networks
  • Sustainability Management Platform: Develop management systems to consistently harvest value from sustainability management throughout your company’s operations and service life cycle
  • Communications and Disclosure Strategy: Communicate sustainability performance to investors, customers, regulators, and stakeholders who are demanding increasing transparency and results from sustainability initiatives


  • Energy retro-commissioning
  • Water efficiency audit
  • Integration of renewable energy
  • Paper rationalization and efficient print/office practices
  • Waste management and diversion

Logistics & Supply Chain

  • Route optimization
  • Fleet technology upgrades
  • Warehouse efficiency
  • Packaging
  • Waste management and diversion

Information Technology

  • Data center design and retro-commissioning
  • End user computing efficiency
  • Electronic waste management
  • IT enablement initiatives


  • Process energy optimization
  • Water management
  • Electricity demand response
  • Renewable Energy and Cogeneration
  • Waste management and diversion
  • ISO 14001 Environmental
  • Management Systems

Metrics and Disclosure

  • Key environmental performance indicator base-lining
  • Carbon Disclosure Project support
  • Global Reporting Initiative training and report drafting

Stakeholder Engagement

  • Employee training on efficiency and responsible business
  • Investor sustainability communications
  • Government, NGO, and industry association strategic advisory

What Does this Mean for Your Company?

There are many benefits to developing a sustainability strategy. If you have questions or would like to share ideas on how these issues relate to your company, we encourage you to contact us to schedule a complimentary Sustainability Strategy Consultation.