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Mammoet is the global market leader in engineered heavy lifting and transport. Our services help clients improve their construction efficiency and optimize the uptime of their plants and installations. At Mammoet, we provide solutions for lifting, transporting, installing and decommissioning large and heavy structures. We could talk for hours about the equipment we use, and about how sophisticated and powerful it is. But all that power means nothing without a plan. In fact, we believe our business isn’t about size. It’s about: time. Uptime. Turnaround time. Time to market. To our customers, time is the currency that matters most. That’s why we strive to bring their deadlines forward. It’s an integrated, daily effort shared by everyone at Mammoet. That’s how we move time for our customers. So time isn’t set in concrete. Or forged in steel. It’s not even all that heavy.

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No. 7 Clementi Loop , Singapore , 129811 Singapore

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Service provider
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Construction & Construction Materials
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Globally (various continents)
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Over 1000

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Wherever there is growth, there is need for energy, power, raw materials, infrastructure. Helping to meet those needs is a World in itself.

It is the World of Mammoet.

In this World, it is our purpose to lift, transport, install and decommission big objects so that our customers can grow and maintain their production capacities and infrastructures in the safest and most efficient ways possible.

We believe that our activities significantly help customers in their growing need for productivity and continuity, through creative engineering, careful planning and safe execution. For that, we continuously raise the standards of our profession.

Yet we also believe that our contribution stretches beyond engineered heavy lifting and transport. We are part of an industry that provides meaningful jobs to hundreds of thousands of people and significantly affects societies everywhere. We want our employees to enjoy their working lives and grow as professionals and persons. We want our performance to be in harmony with the communities we may work in and interact with. And we strive to, ultimately, eliminate any negative impact on the environments we operate in.

It is our contribution to a growing World.

Mammoet serves customers by moving large and heavy objects. Mammoet really excels when it helps its customers move time. By providing smart solutions, Mammoet safely and professionally moves deadlines forward, improves uptime and reduces the cost of ownership. It is the challenge of pushing boundaries, creating new possibilities, and accomplishing the exceptional that moves Mammoet as a team.

Shared drive moves Mammoet. The Mammoet team is made up of a group of dynamic and diverse individuals – individuals from different countries, cultures and backgrounds. We share a strong bond that arises out of shared principles: integrity and loyalty and a shared drive:

Love the work
Working at Mammoet is not just any other job. Here people share a deep commitment to the work they do and a desire to excel by building craftsmanship and dedicating their talents. We love the challenges of the industry and the equipment that comes with it. Across all disciplines, ages and cultures, one common theme is that we all have a sense of belonging to something bigger than ourselves; something that moves us.

Results count
We are willing to take on tremendous challenges. Our desire is to achieve things that nobody believed possible. For us, it is not just about accepting the challenge, but about delivering the desired results. We go the extra mile, and then the extra inch. Whether in safety performance, or bringing down environmental impact, in building teams, in getting a contract, or executing the job, in making a profit, it is the result that always counts. We move for results.

Take care
People, communities and the environment require care. We make safety a top priority, always and everywhere, so that after a day’s work everybody can return home unharmed. We treat people fair, with clear feedback and rewards for results. We contribute to the communities that we work in. From our position as an industry leader we will actively contribute to sustainability, in our own company, with suppliers and with customers. We move with care.

Perform as a team
Our customers demand excellent performance; and so do we. We believe excellent performance can only be achieved through team effort. Everybody is expected to take his role in the team and bring maximum contribution. In a team, diversity drives performance; people build on each other’s strengths and step up to compensate shortcomings. We move as one.

Be responsible
Mammoet is a big international company. This position brings the responsibility to set standards and drive development. In this company, everybody has a job to do. With each job come specific responsibilities. Everybody has to stand for his work and ensure it meets industry and Mammoet standards. Jointly we are responsible for a sustainable future of our company. We expect people to speak up when it is for the benefit of the company. We expect others to listen and act if required. We step up and take responsibility; we move.