Management Systems International (MSI)

Management Systems International (MSI) powers forward service, government, aerospace, defense and manufacturing companies of any size by helping you critically meet international standards. When you choose us to expertly implement your quality and environmental systems, we ensure you continually achieve ISO or AS certification for a breadth of profitable benefits. Founded in 1998, MSI employs an industry-leading team of highly qualified and experienced consultants and trainers who provide synonymous, superior service. In turn, we have enabled more than 600 companies to reach certification. Whether we are providing service or training throughout the United States or from our San Diego facility, we tirelessly realize our vision and fulfill our mission for your long-term success.

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2890 Pio Pico Drive, Ste. 200. , Carlsbad , California 92008 USA

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Consulting firm
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Internationally (various countries)
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MSI’s Vision

To innovatively develop and maintain management systems that deliver strategic and continuous improvements for all types of companies.

MSI’s Mission

Demonstrating leadership, integrity and ongoing excellence, we provide management systems as a platform for international standards certification that positively impacts companies and their employees. In short, we power business forward through ISO or AS certification.

Proven Formula

Promising success, we continually update our methodologies to help you meet the requirements of international standards through the following process:

  • Create a detailed plan with your existing and pending business capabilities in mind, mitigating risk
  • Develop this plan considering your specific company scope, size and complexity
  • Fulfill tasks as defined in the plan while we:
    • Complete set milestones on time
    • Conduct weekly in-house planning meetings on past, present and future tasks
    • Thoroughly review documentation prior to your review, approval and use
    • Guarantee that registration audits return zero or only single-digit findings
    • Regularly ask for your feedback on our performance using customer surveys, promising customer satisfaction through certification

What is an ISO Management System?

A management system is a proven framework for managing and continually improving your organization’s policies, procedures and processes.  MSI has established well over 65 of these systems for leading companies and Diana Procter has led each project.

Creating Greater potential

The best businesses work as complete units with a shared vision. This may encompass information sharing, benchmarking, team working and working to the highest quality and environmental principles.

A management system helps your organization to achieve these goals through a number of strategies, including process optimization, management focus and disciplined management thinking.

We execute on this value by constantly improving our consulting methodologies used in the development of applying the International Standards that we support. Our presence at over 150 registrar audits has provided for our  ability to fully understand the application of the requirements. The key to  successful implementation is an effective detailed development plan that will  work with the customer’s existing production capacity and their other development projects.

MSI Supports: ISO 9001, AS 9100, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001

We customize implementation plans for our SurePath Clients taking into consideration the unique complexities of each project. The detailed development plan is generated by evaluating companies’ scope, size and  complexity and determining milestone completion dates that can be realistically achieved.

For our SurePath approach you receive our guarantee of performance:

  • We will fulfill tasks as defined in proposals
  • The sequence of activities  and tasks are designed towards your success of accomplishing ISO certification.

Core Value of Excellence

In order to fulfill this core value of excellence,  MSI establishes the following for every  implementation:

  • Project Milestones
  • Task Lists
  • Secure Cloud Technology Support
  • Consulting and Customer support via teleconference and email

Performance Objectives

MSI has set these performance objectives for itself for all work that it conducts for each and every Customer Project:

  • 100% on-time milestone completion, after mutual agreement of dates during the Milestone 1 Kickoff Meeting;
  • No major findings and only single-digit minor findings by the Registrar(s) during the registration audit;
  • 100% customer satisfaction from project go-ahead until you receive your ISO certificate registration.

Ensuring Confidence

To mitigate risk, a preliminary and detailed plan will be  developed by our program team prior to the Kickoff Meeting. At the kickoff  meeting, this schedule/plan will be honed to your satisfaction.

MSI conducts weekly review meetings to assess  current status of all past, present and future tasks with an eye toward meeting  our performance objectives. Deliverables undergo review by the program team.  Committee review occurs prior to submission of the documentation deliverables  for your review, comments and ultimately, after final editing, acceptance and  use.

At regular intervals throughout the program, MSI will ask you to  complete customer satisfaction surveys. We take all comments seriously as part  of our own process of continual improvement.