Founded in 1996, the Manas completely with local capital and technology, with smart metering systems and solutions based on products developed as an innovative company in the industry has come to the position. Manas is the solution partner of its customers with a wide range of products and advanced technological solutions; gas distribution companies, municipalities, water administrations, and the electricity distribution companies but also to respond successfully to the needs of private and public institutions. Manas, electro-controlled gas, water, heat and electricity meters also AMR, M2M, and Remote Meter AMI has expertise in Control Systems Solutions.

Company details

ASO 1st Organized Industrial Zone Anadolu Caddesi No: 25 , Sincan - Ankara , 06935 Turkey

Locations Served

Business Type:
Industry Type:
Monitoring and Testing
Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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with a staff consisting of 224 people and more than 30 engineers and other employees of Manas, thanks to R & D activities with innovation in products and ideas developed it has managed to differentiate itself from competitors.

Manas is beyond the vendor-customer relationship, so as to meet the needs of the company continues its activities as a solution partner. It produces high quality and succeeded in changing molds which is located in the sector for years with the meter system in sensitivity Manas counter tracks the quality of the raising in Turkey, by increasing the accuracy measurements in meters and consistency help reduce severely the amount not billing of business and valuable energy and contributes to the conservation of water resources There.

Manas, the energy management sector with an approach focused on quality while offering products and services to all our stakeholders, we aim to generate reliable and sustainable value. This principle is in line with national and creating successful projects, combined with evolving technology of our international experience, to provide quality service to investors and we aim to be one of the best companies in the process of providing services in energy management with our employees the authority sector.

MANAS with Milestones

  • 1997 - launching a prepaid water meter production
  • 1998 - Acarkent Project - 2,000 prepaid water meter production
  • 2000 - Eskişehir Municipality - 310,000 Total pre-paid water meter production, service, maintenance, repairs and installation project loans.
  • 2001 - Itron distributor
  • 2001 - partnership with Oracle database solutions
  • 2005 Türkiye's first production of POS devices
  • 2008 -NFC payment system works with the world's first pre-paid meter production
  • 2008 RF pre-paid employees and GPRS technology with water, heat, gas and production of electricity meters
  • 2009 -Turkcell technological partnership
  • 2010 - the production of mechanical meters fully implement the necessary technology transfer and investment to do as the locals
  • Manas Energy Management 's year 2012 turnover of 18 million Euro.
  • 2015-15000 m2 with a covered area of the opening of the new factory building services

Our vision

our customers and partners with innovative solutions; To compete on a world scale, sustainable, local and national, to the environment, offering products and services, and a technology company to be sensitive to people.

Our mission

Fully it established as a technology company with domestic and national capital; Electronic technologies and reducing dependence on foreign systems in the field, supporting the production on a world scale, high quality, reliable and be a company that provides added value with our innovative service to our country.