Mango Ltd

Mango Ltd

Mango is a business management tool used to run an organisation`s compliance programmes and requirements, no matter the size or commercial sector. Compliance should be easy, our solution makes managing health & safety, quality and environmental compliance so simple your employees will enjoy participating in the system.

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PO Box 27226 , Christchurch , 8061 Canterbury New Zealand

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Business Type:
Software vendor
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Health and Safety
Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)
Year Founded:
less than 1,000,000 €

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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One Man, One Vision

Mango was conceived in 2005 by New Zealand visionary, Peter Rogers.

As a management systems consultant, Peter had worked for a variety of organisations, across a number of different industries.

'Again and again the same compliance problems kept coming up. Organisations struggled with getting all of their staff working from the same page. The paper-based systems they used were often bureaucratic nightmares. The systems were really just folders of paperwork passively sitting on shelves - there was nothing dynamic about them. And for companies operating over multiple sites the problems were magnified'.

With the emergence of Web 2.0 technologies, Peter saw a revolutionary way of solving these problems. In close consultation with his clients Peter developed and honed Mango.

'I called the software 'Mango' because it's all about management-on-the-go. All through the development of Mango I had a picture in my mind of a manager being able to do their job from anywhere in the world, at any time. I wanted to make life easier for them, to help them be more dynamic and in control of things. It's that picture that has shaped and driven the product every step of the way'.

Creating the Company

The value of Mango is clearly illustrated by the experience of Craig Thornton, a quality systems auditor who in 2006 was working for certification body, Verification NZ Ltd.

“Over the years in my job as an auditor I visited and talked with hundreds of different companies. Whichever standard I was auditing them against – quality, health & safety or environmental – they all had to do the same thing. They had to show that they had a functioning system. They had to provide records to prove that the system was working. But time and again I saw businesses struggling to meet these demands. They were overwhelmed by the bureaucracy and administration. And if a key employee left, then the problems would really get serious.

When I audited companies who were using Mango, I saw how much easier it was for them. They could very easily demonstrate to me that their system was implemented and in a state of control. The systems were actually helping them to do business better, rather than being a drain on resources. It was always an auditor’s dream to audit companies who were using Mango”.

And so in 2007 Craig joined Mango and the two of them set about building the company.

“It really was a case of liking the product so much that I bought into the company! I loved the fact that Mango simplified compliance systems so that organisations could get on with their business. I could see that Mango worked. It was a no-brainer”.