Mannvit is an international consulting firm offering comprehensive engineering, consulting, management, operational and EPCM services. The company employs highly experienced engineers, geoscientists and technicians, who have successfully completed projects world-wide. Mannvit’s operation is split into three core divisions; Infrastructure, Renewable Energy & Transmission, Industry and Oil & Gas. Since 1963, the Company has provided engineering, technical and consulting services for a wide range of public and private projects including infrastructure and transportation, buildings, renewable energy and climate, power transmission, power intensive industry, chemical processing, IT and telecommunications.

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Urdarhvarf 6 , Kopavogur , 203 Iceland

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Engineering service provider
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Renewable Energy
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Globally (various continents)
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Mannvit is Iceland’s largest engineering firm, with a staff of some 400 dedicated specialists. The company is the result of the merger of three long-established engineering companies that were all founded in the 1960s - Hönnun hf., VGK hf. and Rafhönnun hf. - three companies that have played significant roles in Iceland's development into a modern,  industrialized nation. Founded in 2008, Mannvit, has the combined strength and expertise of these three successful engineering companies, offering decades of experience across all disciplines of engineering, consulting, management and operational services.

Global Reach
Though the company has deep roots in Iceland's civil, industrial, and technological development, Mannvit has also developed a strong International presence over the years and has worked on projects on almost every continent.

Mannvit also has an ownership stake in several other companies involved in renewable energy utilization, as well as specialized consulting services and EPCM. The companies include Geotermie Neubrandenburg GmbH, HRV Engineering and, Vatnaskil Consulting Engineers.

Mannvit is dedicated to renewable energy development, sustainability and the ethical stewardship of our natural environment.  The company has been involved in most of the geothermal and hydroelectric developments in Iceland over the last few decades, and more recently has branched out into biogas and biofuels, CO2 sequestration, carbon recycling, waste management, industrial composting and many other projects.  The nature and diversity of these projects are a reflection of the company’s commitment to slowing and reversing climate change.

Mannvit is a company that understands that the key to our success lies with the skills, motivation and commitment of our employees. We take pride in creating a rewarding, inclusive and collaborative work culture for our employees, knowing that a commitment to our employees well-being promotes a mutual commitment of productivity and loyalty. And, that quality and innovation require strong communication and open-mindedness, supported from the top down.

Inside Mannvit, quality control is a key factor in operations and the firm has long employed a quality control system based on distributing responsibility among the individuals involved in each task. Mannvit’s operations are certified under inter­national quality, environmental and safety manage­ment standards:  ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007.