Manufactured Equipment, Products & Solutions (MEPS)

Manufactured Equipment, Products & Solutions (MEPS) is a Clean Technology provider with a focus on the Water & Wastewater sector. We create, through innovative design and LEAN manufacturing, high quality prefabricated treatment solutions. With one of the strongest technology portfolios in the market, we provide support to every Regulated Water Company in the UK across a number of product platforms. Effective Standardisation feeds our significant Manufacturing Capacity enabling us to offer unrivalled productive efficiency, economies of scale and tangible Value for Money. meps is a Joint Venture born through collaboration between the heritage brands of MWH Treatment and EPS Group - bringing over 150 years of service experience in support of your needs.

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Gregge Street, Heywood , Lancashire , England OL10 2DX United Kingdom

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Water Treatment
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Nationally (across the country)

EPS Group and MWH Treatment undertook respective reviews of the Tier 2/OEM Product Supply Market in 2012 including the competitive nature of their relationship as both operated in the same commercial space. We asked ourselves and each other, “Do we continue as Competitors and continue to compete in the traditional manner or do we Collaborate and re-shape the market to offer greater value to common customers and develop improved business sustainability?” Courage succeeded over complacency in the answer to this question and both organisations entered a period of exploratory working to consider further, the economic merits of Collaboration in support of a reinvigorated supplier model. The outcome of our initial analysis concluded that a shift from incumbent, respective operating models to one where an integrated approach across core strengths of Capital Programme Management and in-house Design & LEAN Manufacturing Capability would add most value to customers seeking robust and resilient assets. A period of intense due diligence followed culminating in 2013 in an integrated business case for the formation of a novel Collaboration; a Fully Integrated Joint Venture, called meps.

There has been much talk about deeper integration across supply chains within the Regulated Water Sector for a number of years - we have shifted from the talking masses, to the doing and have now created a bold platform for the delivery of mission critical MEICA Products based on Modular Standardised Design and Off Site LEAN Manufacture - taking Thought Leadership in this arena to an all new level.

meps offer a genuine alternative - we encourage you to consider our core strengths and value differentiators over your incumbent supply chain - with the right collective behaviours and conditions, we are convinced we can forge a leading partnership together for the benefit of your customers.

Our Vision

To be established as the UK Water Sector leader for supply chain integration and off-site manufacturing of engineered wet infrastructure products.

Our Mission

We will design, manufacture and install it right first time so our customers come back to us year after year. By combining our qualities we will deliver a win/win for our customers, our shareholders and our supply chain family.

Our Values

To build confidence and long term trust by listening to our customers’ needs and influencing technology choice thus delivering high-quality products safely and efficiently.

We are extremely proud of our heritage and that is why we have called our Joint Venture meps. Both partners in meps are unmatched in their respective territorial markets and founded upon entrepreneurial roots.  

There is an excellent cultural fit between our brands, which when combined with our complimentary skill sets, creates a market leading proposition with a broad technical portfolio delivered through a consolidated supply chain family.

MWH’s heritage in the UK water industry spans over 150 years and includes equipment brands such as MWH, Biwater, Ames Crosta, Whitehead and Poole and Farrer.

EPS, founded upon 45 years of experience, has grown from a modest electrical and pumping services business into an innovative, internationally exporting product and service provider now focussed upon the water, wastewater and clean technology sectors.

The group provides services to municipal, industrial, commercial, agricultural and domestic clients and currently exports to over 25 different countries worldwide.

Creating meps has allowed us to combine our strengths. Our core strengths are:

  • Established Design Catalogue of core Water & Wastewater Treatment Products and OEM assemblies across numerous Regulated Frameworks and Approved Supplier Listings
  • Modular & Standardised BIM Design Principles to drive repeatable, high quality Off Site Manufacturing
  • High levels of Productive Efficiency through LEAN Manufacturing Capabilityrequiring no client “hand holding”, eliminating inefficient client “on-costs”
  • Significant in-house Design, Integration, Installation & Commissioning Capability requiring no client “hand holding”, eliminating inefficient client “on-costs”
  • Consolidated down-stream, Specialist & Commodity supply chain mobilised to respond to Programme Management Requirements with pricing structure based on demonstrable value and managed risk allocation
  • Significant pan-European market leverage able to secure tangible Buying Gains & Commodity Price Hedging advantages
  • Best-in-Class Processes & Systems aligned with Customer Programme Management Requirements to achieve earlier on-site commencement & efficient delivery, to the highest of Standards
  • Robust and Resilient products designed and manufactured to minimise Carbon Footprint and whole life costs over the operational asset life
  • Heritage & Experience - [“hands-on”/Real Time] Water & Wastewater Service Delivery experience shaping the way we Imagine, Design, Manufacture and Continuously Innovate - founded upon 150 years of collective industry participation, leadership and knowledge