Maple Reinders Constructors Ltd.

The Maple Reinders Group has been a leading design/builder of environmental and sustainable projects. Our business focus includes municipal water and wastewater treatment plants, compost facilities, energy-from-waste plants, co-generation facilities and many other landmark engineering and building projects. Maple Reinders’ pursuit of challenges -from the high Canadian Arctic to the deserts of Dubai, from complex process mechanical installations to shipyard dry docks - has distinguished our company. The Group is a multiple-recipient of Environmental Achievement Awards, and is also honoured to be named one of the 50 Best Small and Medium Employers in Canada.

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2660 Argentia Road , Mississauga , Ontario L5N 5V4 Canada

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Business Type:
Engineering service provider
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Market Focus:
Nationally (across the country)
Year Founded:
$100,000,000 US - $1,000,000,000 US

Maple Reinders is an award winning construction company actively promoting creative solutions in waste management, green building and organic waste composting. Maple has taken a lead role in responding to increased demand for an integrated DBOF (Design/Build/Operate/Finance) solution.

In everything we do, our priority is to ensure our long-term continuity. Our future depends on our investing in human resources and equipment. Safety and quality assurance are an integral part of our work. We act with integrity and responsibility and expect our clients and other contacts to do the same.

Maple Reinders can tackle projects of every size, in all regions of Canada. We have completed significant projects in the Canadian Arctic, across Canada from the east to the west coast, and internationally in Dubai. Our commitment and entrepreneurial skills continually combine to create new opportunities. We help our clients with problems from design to delivery, and offer them solutions that are environmentally sound and attuned to local circumstances. We work tirelessly to improve our delivery methods and offer new technology. Our innovative approach has made us a leader in the construction industry.

At Maple Reinders, we believe that individuals and ideas thrive in a culture that values creativity, quality, integrity, and accountability. We’re proud to promote a safe, supportive culture where innovation can flourish, and where the benefits of personal growth and prosperity benefit all our staff, clients, and partners.

At Maple Reinders, Integrity in Building Excellence is not just our slogan – it’s the standard by which we conduct business everyday through the following core values:

  1. Provide superior service to customers
  2. Act with integrity, honesty, fairness and cooperation at all times
  3. Strengthen team performance with shared commitment and resources
  4. Foster ongoing, open communication focused on “what is right” rather than “who is right”
  5. Cultivate service-driven, trusted partnerships with clients and trades
  6. Seek continuous improvement and innovation within a safe and supportive work environment
  7. Encourage mentoring, development and advancement opportunities
  8. Recognize effort and excellence
  9. Ensure good pay and job satisfaction
  10. Encourage environmental responsibility
  11. Promote generosity and care for the needy
  12. Pursue an entrepreneurial spirit and commercial drive

At Maple Reinders, we’re committed to being responsible and generous citizens of this world. Each year we donate a portion of our profits to worthy organizations. We encourage civic involvement to enhance our team’s personal character and support local communities.

We also act as environmental stewards - reducing, reusing and recycling wherever possible and implementing green solutions to day-to-day construction issues, such as saving trees from cutting and salvaging concrete rubble for use as a breakwater. Other initiatives include investing in new technology; constructing compost, water treatment, and alternative energy facilities; and developing new ideas such as green roofs, energy efficient buildings, and other cutting-edge options.