Our company’s main objective is to offer each and every one of our clients the highest level of satisfaction possible, guaranteeing them advice and dedication that enable us to meet their high expectations. Having sold over 20,000 machines, and enjoying great prestige, our products and services are widely known nationally. Due to all this, we are currently consolidating a progressive International plan with the intention of expanding our solutions to new International markets, supported by our group of Delegates and Representatives, as well as our broad Technical Assistance network. Wherever our clients may be, we can give service and contact them through our worldwide network of agents.

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Oialume Bidea 21 , Astigarraga , Gipuzkoa 20115 Spain

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Pumps & Pumping
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Globally (various continents)

One of the best demonstrations of our success is the International recognition (being known internationally). Today, the experience and the innovation of Mapner are present in more than 30 countries and 4 different continents. Endorsing with facts our words and solving the necessities of our clients in very diverse sectors of water treatment and industrial processes.

Our own product development, as well as the exchange of experiences with Our clients, is the key aspect for our knowledge. We provide our clients With This knowledge through well-defined Processes That are based on customer service.

This accumulated 'know how' is the starting point for our 'continuous advice' philosophy, it is Applied to Developing New Products That Will Give New Challenges and solutions to market requirements.

If there is an idea That summarizes Mapner's spirit it is this one, for us, personalization means dedication to our clients and its capability to Provide technical criteria. It shows we are Committed to customer service, and are proud of doing things the right way. Personalization is having our knowledge available to our clients. It is the attitude towards being available at all times, and being competitive in a global market, it is the willingness to find solutions Appropriate. But above all, it is specialization and Commitment to everything we do, and to Those Who Have complete trust on us.

Quality is at the heart of all we do, and all employees are MAPNER Committed to it. This encompasses Both the Manufacture of High Quality Products And Also process management and indicator, Which Allows us to Continually Improve and refine our management control system and Communicate with customers and suppliers Both.

At MAPNER, we understand quality in two ways: it's the value of our products as well as our Commitment to service. We can not conceive of one without the other. Perhaps it is for this reason That We place Such Importance on technical development and Requirements in the manufacture of our machines, Exceeding the highest international standard, along with Our Commitment to offering solutions That actually work, going beyond delivering and commissioning our products.

Our ISO 9001:2000 certification-received 2002-confirmed in our company's excellence in quality, Ensuring the proper handling of data (offers, orders, manufacturing, billing, technical support, etc..).

MAPNER's management considers Quality, Occupational Risk Prevention, Environmental Protection and sensitive data protection as the foundation of our company's Activities and in Achieving our goals of:

  • Being competitive in a challenging market
  • Meeting the Demands of our Customers high
  • Complying with Laws and Regulations
  • Meeting our Responsibilities for Worker Health and Safety

MAPNER is Committed to Continuous Improvement, using tools Such as staff training and Involving all our employees in the areas of Quality, Occupational Risk Prevention and Environmental Protection.

Given all the above, MAPNER Ensures continual improvement in the quality of our products and services for the benefit of each client, as we express statement in the Following Management.

Mapner strong wants to state its Commitment towards the environment, working to Achieve a maximum reduction of waste. We have Achieved an Increase in the percentage of the recyclables of the manufactured products. On top of That, We Have Applied Appropriate treatment with Corresponding Authorized solicitor from governments of the waste generated During the manufacturing process.

By doing so we keep a strong Commitment towards the environment, Which is Clearly Stated in the Following objectives:

Achieve an Increase in the percentage of the recyclables of the manufactured products.Optimize our Industrial Processes in order to get a maximum reduction in the waste produced.
Give Mentioned Appropriate treatment to the waste, controlling Whose is guaranteed by our own Integrated Management System.

Mapner, currently, has an Integrated Management System (IMS) That Guarantees the correct management of the waste. We are working on its certification, so we want to make clear That there is a lot of work being done in Favour of the environment and our Commitment to this cause.