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  • Remediation Services

    Remediation Services

    MAX’s construction and remediation group performs both small- and large-scale site cleanup projects and environmental construction for the energy, industry and public sectors. From Brownfield and Superfund sites to oil and gas production facilities, manufacturing plants, firing ranges, historic fill projects and Department of Defense sites, MAX has a history of successful remediation solutions to meet corporate and regulatory clean-up...

  • Hazardous Waste Treatment Services

    Hazardous Waste Treatment Services

    As one of the region’s first providers of hazardous waste treatment and disposal services, MAX maintains a tradition of safe, secure and reliable hazardous waste management for industry and government. Our Yukon plant is the only facility in Pennsylvania that offers RCRA Subtitle C permitted hazardous waste treatment and on-site commercial disposal of residual waste. MAX’s treatment storage and disposal facility (TSDF) is permitted to...

  • Non-Hazardous Waste Treatment Services

    Non-Hazardous Waste Treatment Services

    Waste management has been at the core of MAX’s business for more than 55 years. MAX’s Southwestern Pennsylvania operations include treatment storage and disposal facilities (TSDFs), a residual waste landfill and active beneficial use project sites that are home to the treatment, re-use, reclamation or ultimate disposal of thousands of tons of waste materials each year. Our operations and facilities maintain an excellent record of...