We are a Spanish machining company specialized in manufacturing parts and subassemblies by turning, milling, grinding & welding for the industry, and I would like to introduce you Maximino Barreiro as a possible supplier for your company. With over 45 years of experience in the Metal-Mechanic Sector, working for National and International main companies from leading sectors such as: Rail, Industrial Machinery, Steel Industry, Petrochemical, Chemical, Agri- food Sector, Gas that give us different certifications and qualifications (and accreditation to ensure a reliable quality of our product.) We have a background in the manufacturing of rolling mills and big size machinery, deflectors, inverters, Bogies different elements. We are able to work with different materials (Ni-Hard, heat resisting stainless steel, tempered special steel, forged steel, steel casting, polymers, bronze…) and mechanical structures and mechanical-weld units, pinion shafts, crowns. We remain at your disposal

Company details

Business Type:
Custom manufacturer
Industry Type:
Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)
Year Founded:
10,000,000 - 100,000,000 €



 2 LATHES: Ø2.000 swing without bed gap and Ø 1.600 mm distance between points, and 6.000mm.

  • 6 CNC LATHES: Ø1.000 mm, distance between points.6.000 mm
  • 2 CNC MILLING: 8.000 mm in X axis, 1.500 mm in Y axis, 3.000 mm in Z axis.
  • 3 CNC MACHINING CENTRES: 2.000 mm in X axis, 800 mm in Y axis, 1.000 mm in Z axis.
  • GRINDING MACHINE: Ø1.600 mm, distance between points.6.000 mm
  • GEAR HOBBING MACHINES: maximum modules 22, Ø 1.500 mm by 750 mm Face width.
  • BRIDGE CRANE: Maximum capacity 20 TN. 
  • WELDING AREA: 2 arc welding equipments (MAG & MIG) 2 TIG welding equipments. Certified welders as per EN-287-1, certified welding procedures EN- ISO 15614-1 and EN- ISO 15613-1.
  • QUALITY certifications: Quality ISO 9001:2008 (in 2010), AENOR UNE-EN 15085-2.2008 “CL1” of Railway applications (in 2013), ISO 14001, ISO 18001


We are the rotor shaft and roller specialists, key products of renowned prestige.

We are aware that this element is an essential part in the industry, in MMB we work continuously to attend our client’s needs. Our technical department develops and constantly improves its efficiency to achieve the best quality,durability and profitability of this crucial element of the industrial production.

Our rotors are shafts in a single block of solid hardened material and this is an added advantage against other models (bushed, welded, inserts) like:

-Longer durability

-Highest reliability

-Higher strength as it is a single block

This gives great benefits for our client’s plants:

-Fewer number of failures and of course, at a lower cost.

-Higher yield

-Savings in maintenance and repairing.

-Repairing is fastest and effective (assembly and dismantling).

Our carefully established production process, allow us to offer a short delivery time for new manufacturing ,(3-4 weeks) with a very competitive price that cannot be easily challenged.

In a demanding market such as this, we are making good progress and giving solutions with a more cost effective,affordable and best quality product ,nationally and internationally recognized.


Our success in quality management and our know-how, has led us to offer a response to the demand of new projects in the area of repairs and manufacture of medium or heavy machinery (laminating lines, mills, shredders,…) for different sectors like steel sector,recycling and different industrial facilities. We also have the required infrastructure to the construction of metal structures.

In our Engineering Department, following our customer needs, we can develop design, construction and assembly of metal structures (platforms, footbridge, lofts, and industrial plants,closing systems…)

We offer as well the possibility of collaboration and/or cooperation for outsourcing with customers, as our production processes allow us to offer a complete service of constructing industrial machinery.

We show our commitment with Quality, Environment and Occupational Safety and Health as per the following standards. ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Quality Management, ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System, ISO 18001:2007 Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series and UNE EN 15085-2 2008 Welding of railway vehicles and components, UNE EN 3834-1:2006 Quality Requirements and Certification of Welding Manufacturer

We can carry out mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic repairs assuring quality and immediacy (machining, weld overlay,gearboxes…) in our workshop or on your site

Analysis for the input of preventive maintenance to assure optimum conditions of work.

Immediate and guaranteed reply in spare parts service

Review of machinery improvement and retrofitting

“Our overriding aim is giving global solutions to reduce in costs and delivery terms, with the best quality to assure our clients competitiveness”


Our engineering department with the aid of NX: Siemens PLM Software CAD/CAM/CAE, focuses on the process improvement and innovation of industrial machinery and in this way optimizing costs and execution times.