Maxwell GeoSystems Ltd

Maxwell Geosystems is an innovative SaaS company with companies in the UK, Hong Kong, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore and India. Our innovative technology makes data accessible, flexible and dynamic and allows civil engineering professionals to collaborate quickly and effectively on projects. This revolutionary software frees users from spreadsheets and empowers them in a rapidly changing digital landscape. Our systems enable real time processing, analysis and transmission of data to generate live configurable reports in a web environment.

Company details

Business Type:
Software vendor
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Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)
Year Founded:
1,000,000 - 10,000,000 €

MissionOS - Construction Data Management


We are a global supplier of SaaS web-based construction data management systems with a focus on ground engineering applications particularly tunnelling, excavation, slopes, buildings, bridges. Our software is designed by engineering professionals with strong track records in design and construction and all coding is undertaken in house by a team of over 30 programming professionals. We have dedicated 24/7 English language support globally.

Our platforms cover the full span of infrastructure data.  Using a custom GIS which provides views in map, section and interactive real time 3D we register, model and analyse project influences such as borehole geology, hazards and sensitivities to define the project constraints and help manage risks. Designers can access these data to create design models and predict quantities, progress rates and deformations. These predictions are published back to the software as programmes and prediction instruments which are then tied to construction jobs and real instruments to enable feedback.

During production the software enables construction professionals to define shift reporting coding schemes and manage time, plant and labour through interactive Gantt charts either manually or automatically if data logged machines are available. The software’s construction management architecture allows user the flexibility to design metadata models linked to these shift structures and summarise data into a variety of automated dashboards and reports. The software allows the user to create real time custom interfaces for a variety of sub activities including tunnelling process control as well as bridge structural health and observational engineering.

The software is designed to allow easy configuration and linking of data from measurement devices of all types through simple interactive and guided interfaces. These instruments are automatically processed using calculations, pre- and post- processes filter and alarms which are transparent and auditable by the end user. All changes are logged. 

Our software is highly attuned to increasing efficiency in construction processes and manages events or scheduled tasks using blogs and configurable reporting dashboards to reduce processing, turnaround and preparation time.

We are renown for the customisability of our platforms and for our ability to react quickly to customer requirements. We regularly implement in days which is a necessity within the changing construction environment.

We have links to a variety of external software through API, webservices and through data export functions including outputs BIM through IFC.

Our management systems are ISO9001 compliant and we will have undergone and passed third party penetration testing of our software and services. We can deploy in the UK as required using virtual servers in a rackspace environment of your choosing. 

Software can be deployed in days and end users can be trained in hours. Users can be trained as administrators with a matter of 2-3 weeks.