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  • Fume Scrubbers & Exhaust Systems

  • Mech-Chem - Fume Scrubber

    Mech-Chem - Fume Scrubber

    If you need to control odors, acid, chemical, and NOx fumes at your facility, Mech-Chem Associates, Inc. has a solution. Proper fume capture, control and scrubbing exhaust systems can prevent environmental releases, ensure regulatory compliance, and protect employee safety and health. From stand-alone fume scrubbers to complete installed systems, Mech-Chem can eliminate your fume problems with: Fume Scrubbers. Custom Hoods with Packing Enclosures....

  • Mech-Chem - Air Pollution Control Systems

    Mech-Chem - Air Pollution Control Systems

    Industrial air pollution receives enormous attention from the public and the press, making it not only a manufacturing concern, but having an impact on the entire company. Mech-Chem recognizes the importance of proper air emission control to not only meet EPA regulations, but the expectations of your customers and the public.

  • Mech-Chem - Full Fume Control System Integration

    Mech-Chem - Full Fume Control System Integration

    Sometimes a scrubber by itself just isn't enough. From designing and engineering a full fume control system to ensuring its compatibility with your existing operations, Mech-Chem has the engineering and design-build experience to make it work. Our fume scrubbing systems feature control panels with automation and monitoring for air and liquid flow, water make-up and low-level pump shut off. An automated pH control feature is also available which...

  • Acid Recovery & Reclamation Systems

  • Mech-Chem - Filtration & Centrifuging

    Mech-Chem - Filtration & Centrifuging

    Systems designed to provide mechanical separation and removal of solids and undissolved particulates from primary acid solutions, mixed acid solutions, and waste acid solutions. These mechanical separation and removal systems can utilize varying pieces of equipment including settling tanks, bag filters, cartridge filters and centrifuges.

  • Mech-Chem - Diffusion Dialysis System

    Mech-Chem - Diffusion Dialysis System

    This technology efficiently recovers nitric acid (HNO3). hydrochloric acid (HCl), hydrofluoric acid (HF), fluoboric acid (HBF4), methanesulfonic acid (MSA), sulfuric acid (H2SO4) and mixtures of these acids, from concentrated anodizing, pickling, and plating baths which are usually discarded. The acid is returned to the process for continued use while only a dilute stream containing the metal contaminants and a small amount of acid requires any...

  • Bulk Storage Facilities and Piping Systems

  • Mech-Chem - Bulk Storage Tanks

    Mech-Chem - Bulk Storage Tanks

    Mech-Chem designs atmospheric and pressure storage tanks to meet API codes. We have designed tanks ranging in size from 200 to 40,000 gallons. The materials of construction for these tanks have included carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and specialty nickel alloys. For corrosive and special applications, tanks are lined with natural rubber, chlorobutyl rubber, Teflon, and other corrosive resistant materials. Tank and process ventilation...

  • Mech-Chem - Piping Systems

    Mech-Chem - Piping Systems

    Ensuring the safe storage and handling of your raw materials and waste chemicals is always a concern, and Mech-Chem does this through complete, integrated primary storage equipment and piping systems which use the proper materials of construction.

  • Chemical Delivery Systems

  • Mech-Chem - Material Handling Systems

    Mech-Chem - Material Handling Systems

    Material handling systems provide the link between your raw material storage and the manufacturing process. Having the correctly designed and built system can make your operation more efficient and safer. Material Handling System Mech-Chem's material handling systems are better because they based on a standard basic design with strong structural components which can be easily modified to meet the geometrical requirements of your manufacturing...

  • Mech-Chem - Chemical Manufacturing Operations System

    Mech-Chem - Chemical Manufacturing Operations System

    As part of Mech-Chem's ability to provide entire solutions for your manufacturing facility, not only can we recover, recycle and re-use the chemicals and water used in your process, but we can also design the chemical manufacturing operations including: Chemical production operations, material handling systems, acid etch/chem mill systems, acid distillation systems, chemical mixing systems, chemical feed systems.

  • Wastewater Treatment Systems