MegaSecur is the main manufacturer and distributor of Water-Gate water barriers. Our head office is located in Victoriaville, Quebec, Canada. Many countries around the world use Water-Gate water barriers to control flooding, work in submerged areas, put in water‑intake structures to fight fires, contain pollutants released by toxic spills, drain branches of rivers, and much more. Water-Gate is designed for a wide‑ranging clientele, including clients in the industrial, commercial, medical, municipal, government, airport, military, and recreational industries. The water barriers are quick and easy to deploy, cost-effective, and can be reused hundreds of times. Nothing else compares. We are proud to say we’ve been helping keep people and communities safe both near and far for close to twenty years.

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940–A Pierre Roux Blvd East , Victoriaville , QC G6T 2H6 Canada
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Environmental Management
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Globally (various continents)


Modular and self-locking water dams
Welcome to the official website of MegaSecur (head office), manufacturer and international distributor of Water-Gate water barriers—a solution for flooding, pollution, work in submerged areas, and fire water reservoirs.

First developed in 1998, Water-Gate water barriers are considered the fastest and most reliable, flexible, economical, and environmentally friendly emergency response equipment on the market. They are also reusable and highly versatile.

Using a Water-Gate dam enable to save time and money. In addition, every manufacturing and application stages have been designed in a way that highly favors sustainable development.

Water-Gate water barriers are made of polymer canvas and designed so that water collects inside the pockets. The barriers automatically open as they fill with water.

The concept is simple: The weight of the water keeps the barrier in place, just as air pressure holds a parachute open.

Water Holding Back Water

The Water‑Gate flood dam has four times more ground surface than the water being retained, thus four times more vertical thrust (across the ground) than the horizontal thrust for proper adhesion. For the water to hold back the water on most surfaces such as asphalt or grass, a 2½‑to‑1 ratio is usually sufficient for safe installation. The Water‑Gate flood dam’s 4‑to‑1 ratio is therefore much safer and the risk of slippage is unlikely. The wider the barrier, the lower the risk of slippage. The Water‑Gate™ flood dam is 33% safer than required.

flood protection solution - instant dam

Modular and self-locking water dams

Steps to follow

  1. Water infiltrates and collects inside the barrier.
  2. The water pressure helps the barrier unfold competely.
  3. The integrated floater allows the top part of the dam to float and absorb the motion of incoming waves.
  4. The accumulated water pressure stabilizes the barrier and keeps it in place regardless of the terrain beneath.

No need to pump water inside.

The Water-Gate water barrier was invented by Daniel Dery on January 1, 1998. An industrial designer by training, Daniel is a visionary who is passionate about innovation and industrial design.

The idea came to him on New Year’s Eve. He was sitting in his living room, eyes glued to the television, watching a rundown of the top stories of 1997. One of the year’s biggest headlines was Manitoba’s Red River flood (one of the worst natural disasters in Canadian history). As he watched hundreds of soldiers and civilians filling and stacking an astronomical number of sandbags to block the threatening waters, a light bulb went off. There had to be a better way.

He thought of fastening long plastic tubes together and attaching them to a giant float. The water would flow into the tubes, fill them, and create a flood barrier out of water instead of sand. This would eliminate the need for thousands of sandbags in addition to freeing up valuable time, energy, and resources.


The beginning

Driven by determination and the desire to create a product with the potential to help thousands of people, Daniel made his first prototype that very day. With the vision of his project growing ever clearer, he put together a makeshift model in his kitchen sink. The tests were conclusive enough for him to carry on his work. Given the magnitude of the project, he decided to devote himself entirely to this new challenge, his ultimate goal being to develop water barriers that would be distributed worldwide to combat one of Earth’s most destructive natural disasters—floods.

Needing a name for his invention, Daniel went the simple route and dubbed his work the Water‑Gate water barrier.

Daniel Dery - the beginning of the watergate flood protection dam

Our Mission: Serve all our markets in a way that ensures sustainable growth and respect for the environment. Offer superior products and services to our clients by providing a simple and environmentally friendly solution for problems associated with flooding and toxic spills, creating temporary cofferdams and fire water reservoirs, and working in submerged areas.

Our Corporate Vision: Be and remain the global leader in environmental security. Our ultimate goal is to actively contribute to the safety and protection of individuals and communities both near and far.

Our Values: At MegaSecur, our top priority is the quality and safety of our products. Our success hinges on client satisfaction—that’s why we’re committed to providing products that meet or even surpass our clients’ needs in terms of durability and efficiency. MegaSecur’s key values include respect, innovation, integrity, and trust.

Sustainable development is at the very heart of our corporate vision. As green companies, MegaSecur and Vitex Industry design all products and operations to have minimal impact on the environment.

Water-Gate barriers are 100 percent recyclable, and we strongly recommend that they be repurposed after their service life (twenty to twenty-five years). Furthermore, during the manufacture of Water-Gate water barriers, all waste and residual materials are donated to a non‑profit organization so that they may be repurposed.

watergate flood dams gives a second life to manufacturing wastewatergate flood dams - ecofriendly flood protection system