Memios, LLC

Memios, LLC

Memios, LLC

Memios was founded to create a transformative solution to one of humanity`s most ancient problems - collecting, transporting and processing trash, garbage and recyclables. Utilizing today`s most advanced technology - including patented systems and processes that are available nowhere else - Memios solutions deliver substantial economic and environmental benefits while creating major improvements in your community`s quality of life.

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7616 Business Park Drive, Suite E , Greensboro, NC , North Carolina 27409 USA
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Waste and Recycling
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Internationally (various countries)

Sustainability: We design sustainability into everything we do, from low energy use for minimal fuel consumption and a low carbon footprint, to supporting effective recycling programs by providing the ability to transport multiple waste streams in a single system. Recognized for reducing environmental impacts, a Memios system earns LEED points for Indoor Environmental Quality and other sustainability certifications as soon as it is installed.

The Memios Edge: We are, at heart, an engineering company. As engineers, we're perfectionists. Every day, we ask ourselves how we can make our systems better - and we go to work to implement any improvements we can devise. As a result, our technology leads the world in efficiency, innovation, performance, quality, and reliability. That is the Memios Edge - the advantage you enjoy as our customer.

Fully Automated Waste Management Systems

With vast modernization and urban expansion, waste and environmental surroundings are more complex today than ever before. Dumpsters, trash cans, recycle bins, infectious and pungent wastes no longer become part of our everyday life, accumulated waste is a thing of the past.
With these considerations, Memios Environmental Technologies, the R & D arm of Memios, LLC, Greensboro, NC, was established to be a full service solution provider to meet and embrace waste management challenges of the 21st Century.

Whether a municipal, residential, commercial or industrial, Memios will respond to your waste management problems with the most advanced technologies and innovations in existence. The expertise of our multi-disciplined engineers and technical staff will formulate and provide result oriented solutions to tackle a multitude of problems affiliated with those waste contaminants, sludge, soil and water pollutions, chemical and oil spills. Most of our systems can be equipped for energy productions such as syngas, heat, hot water, steam and electricity.

It is our goal and our commitment to turn your Waste management challenges into sustainable and sound financial investments.

Memios CleanStream solutions solve all of today’s municipal solid waste management challenges:

Waste Segregation

  • Specially designed indoor and outdoor load stations make it easy for users to deposit trash and recyclables
  • Multiple separate types of waste can be transported through a single piping network
  • Waste remains properly segregated throughout the entire process

Health, Hygiene and Safety

  • Waste is swiftly and safely moved away from people and buildings in totally sealed pipe networks
  • No waste storage or wait times with the collection process
  • Reduces human and environmental exposure to trash and garbage
  • Clean, sealed system system does not attract insects, rodents and other pests
  • No garbage trucks rumbling through neighborhoods – no associated risk of injury and property damage

Environmental Sustainability

  • Qualifies for LEED Indoor Environmental Quality credits
  • Significantly cuts fossil fuel consumption
  • Reduces carbon footprint and particulate atmospheric contaminants
  • Compacts waste to 1/6th its original volume, reducing haul off frequencies

Operational Efficiency

  • One centrally managed system can serve from 100 to 10,000 people
  • Responds in real time to actual load demands
  • Can move up to 200 tons of waste every 24 hours
  • Memios state of the art LiveTrac technology simplifies and streamlines all monitoring and maintenance tasks

Cost Control

  • Lower capital investment
  • One Memios system costs less than a fleet of garbage trucks, dumpsters for every commercial location and set-out containers for every residence
  • Lower acquisition cost for trucks used to carry waste from processing station to landfill
  • Cuts operational expenses from $85 per ton to $4 per ton, on average
  • Exceptionally low maintenance costs
  • Reduces liability costs associated with garbage trucks
  • No need to hire and oversee teams of waste collectors
  • Delivers a three to five year return on investment for the average installation

Revenue Enhancement

  • Cleaner, quieter, safer, more sustainable properties gain immediate competitive advantage, maintain higher property values
  • With no need to allocate valuable space to dumpsters, commercial properties enjoy more revenue-generating square footage
  • New revenue stream generated by leveraging recyclables and carbon emission reductions through cap and trade credits

Memios CleanStream systems work anywhere, anytime.  The ideal waste management solution for any place people live, work or play. The fully automated solutions work 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year at a fraction of the cost of any other method.

Memios sustainable automated waste management solutions promote economic growth, reduce carbon fuel consumption, cut greenhouse gases and other atmospheric pollutants, and create cleaner, healthier communities. Plus, our thoroughly scalable system delivers real economic benefits in any application from a single-family home neighbourhoods to a cluster of commercial and residential high-rises, and is designed to grow as demand increases.

Residential Communities
  • A CleanStream system brings modernization to an age old problem and one system can serve as many as 20 to 3000 households
  • Fully automated waste receptacles are conveniently located in each resident where waste is deposited and swiftly transported through the sealed pipe network to off-site collection area for haul off.
  • Totally Sealed System does not allow exposure to insects, rodents and disease bearing bacteria
  • Completely eliminates noise, odors, exhaust and road congestion from waste collection vehicles
  • Imagine no garbage trucks ever need to enter the neighborhood and all residential waste is picked up off-site in a remote one-stop pick up location.
  • Reducing waste truck frequency and completely eliminating the need to stop at each household.
  • Increases community's value and marketability by making space available for large, waste container-free play and recreation areas
Commercial and Industrial Properties
  • All the quality-of-life, health, environmental and economic enjoyed by residential communities, plus
  • Increases saleable square footage - no need to make room for dumpsters
  • Patented sanitation technology facilitates safe handling of bio-waste materials
  • Makes it easy for businesses to segregate waste from recyclables, ensuring the proper disposal of all refuse
  • Improves hygiene throughout your facility by reducing overall waste dwell time and exposure
  • Plays a significant role in eliminating cross-contamination
  • Patented, chemical-free, low-heat sanitation technology ensures safe handling of bio-waste materials
  • Creates a better environment for healing by removing noise and dust generated by waste collection trucks
  • Reduces apron traffic by allowing on-site removal of waste from between-flight aircraft cleanup
  • Eliminates the need for waste carts throughout the terminals
  • Eliminates need to take waste bags through customs
  • Increases efficiency
  • Allows for safer, more hygienic waste removal
  • 40% - 70% less expensive than common waste handling methods
Shopping Centers & Malls
  • Indoor waste receptacles NEVER need emptied
  • Waste is never overflowing or accumulated for unsightly exposure to patrons
  • Increases revenue-generating retail space by eliminating need to make room for waste collection
  • Creates a cleaner, hygienically and environmentally optimal solution
  • Improves usage and flexibility of the premises
  • Enhances ambience for customers and personnel
  • Optimizes logistics for goods and waste
  • Increases effectiveness of community recycling programs


  • Creates a cleaner, hygienically and environmentally optimal environment for all activities
  • Improves usage and flexibility of the premises
  • Enhances ambience for customers and personnel
  • Optimizes logistics for goods and waste
  • Increases effectiveness of community recycling programs
  • Creates uniquely appealing properties with immediate competitive advantages
  • Helps maintain high property values
  • Significantly reduces need for labor for waste clean up and removal.