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Menard Vibro

Menard Vibro

Menard Vibro has developed and patented Soil Improvement techniques suitable for a large range of soils and has worked in more than 40 countries all over the world on range of projects.

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Al Saraya Avenue Building, Al Garhoud, Blk. A, Rm. 202, 2ND flr. , Dubai , United Arab Emirates
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Site Remediation
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Internationally (various countries)

MENARD VIBRO is part of the successful Menard Group of Companies and is the result of a merger between Menard Vibro Middle East and the soil improvement department of Soletanche-Bachy. Together this team has successfully undertaken some of the largest soil improvement contracts in the Middle East and the World.

MENARD VIBRO is a fully integrated ground engineering company able to design, plan, install and manage any soil improvement project to meet the clients requirements and specifications.

MENARD VIBRO has an objective to lead the soil improvement industry by applying its knowledge, experience, dependability and skills to produce cost-effective value engineered optimised solutions to each project.

MENARD VIBRO works on all projects of all sizes in all fields. From Industrial works of Oil and Gas storage, Ports and Docks, Harbour Terminals, Quay Walls or Airports to Warehouses and steel yards to mixed use shopping centres, villas and highways. Anywhere settlement control is needed we can provide a solution. This can be on existing ground, reclamation works and can be on or off shore.

All these techniques are cost-effective alternatives to dig and replace in layers, to deep piles, or deep concrete footings.

MENARD VIBRO aims at contracting on a Design and Build basis through which specified results in terms of bearing capacity, post construction settlements and liquefaction mitigation of seismic events in line with local or Federal requirements.