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The Mercer International, Inc. Compliance Master™ oil/water/solids separator, is a high-performance, gravity-displacement separator system designed to provide the highest efficiency attainable in an `enhanced-gravity` coalescer plate separator. At the heart of the oil water separator design is a removable-plate coalescer, a patented system utilizing a cross-flow, flat parallel-plate coalescer with removable and adjustable plates offering the highest possible efficiency with the lowest practical maintenance.

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Mercer International Inc. COMPLIANCE MASTER Oil Water Separators

Listening to what our clients say is important as Mercer continues to develop its product lines. When it became apparent that the 'Status Quo' in oil/water separator design was no longer good enough for industry, we changed the 'rules' and simply designed a better mousetrap!

Mercer's original designers had decades of experience as manufacturers reps in the oily wastewater treatment arena. They also understood the importance of ultimately supplying the real needs of their clients. As Mercer developed its line of high-performance Oil/Water Separators, the founders polled various end users extensively about what they liked, disliked, and what they really needed from their oil/water separators. The resulting innovative design is now a bench mark in the OWS industry. Mercer's new separator line incorporated many time-honored separator features (e.g. flat parallel coalescer plates) with some very unique innovations, making their design both high efficiency and low maintenance. A design that truly achieves both high-efficiency and low-maintenance is a very difficult proposition when solids are present in the wastewater. Mercer has elegantly accomplished this task: we introduce to you our innovative Multi-Pack™coalescer. When both high efficiency and low maintenance are achieved in one package, we call this a High-Performance separator.

(High) Performance

Mercer International is widely recognized as being the highest performance coalescer separator available on the market. However, high efficiency is only one part of that equation. High performance is maintaining high efficiency for long stretches between required maintenance.

Most separators designed for high efficiency require very high maintenance. Many manufactures add secondary mesh packs to help make up for a poorly designed coalescer—resulting in extremely high maintenance requirements. Conversely, separators designed for low maintenance greatly sacrifice performance, leaving the end user with compromised results. This is the 'tension' in coalescer design. Mercer International has mastered the primary coalescer design, allowing both high efficiency and low maintenance—plus the ability to customize in the field (translated: We Have Built a Better Mousetrap!). This is critical to end users that are committed to 'zero tolerance' in regard to exceeding their effluent limitations.

At the heart of each Compliance Master™ oil water separator Mercer delivers to clients worldwide is the

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The Compliance Master oil/water separator is Mercer International's flagship product line and is our most recognized development in the field of wastewater treatment. With the Clean Water Act of the 1970's in the U.S. came a new set of rules. The creation of oversight bodies and new benchmarks for acceptable wastewater effluent limits were long over due. With these new regulations came an enforcement body that drew its cross hairs around not only the biggest offenders, but those with the biggest purse strings as well.

Mercer International was founded as a company to remove the gray area for its clients. 'Will it work?' was no longer a question that was accepted without significant review. It was about time a separator manufacturer brought the actual performance in parody with theoretical calculations. When the traditional tank manufactures failed to address the key design changes that needed to be made, Mercer designed and manufactured equipment to meet the new regulations instead of designing around another status quo unit. The result was 'piece of mind' for not only major utility, petro-chemical, and industrial companies and large transportation companies; but also piece of mind for the small automotive shops, and various small to medium industrial companies. Environmental consulting engineers often specify our oil/water separators because of its versatile design. Mercer builds standard units of all sizes (5-5,000 gpm) and of various configurations and styles. We sell to a wide array of clients in many industries.

'We can do that', is what we like to say. Or you may hear us say 'No we don't think you need that. Have you considered this? . . . this is what we did for another client. . .'

During the project review, flexibility means customization. Mercer has created many custom oil/water separators based on difficult wastewater applications, tight space limitations, and varied corrosive wastewater conditions, to name a few. Demanding applications demand custom solutions.

Mercer carefully listens to (and on some occasions even challenges) the decision makers in the selection process from CEO, to engineer, to maintenance professional. Constantly seeking out and solving these technical problems has led Mercer to identify and incorporate certain design standards that are overlooked by the competition.

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The Multi-Pack design allows flexibility that is impossible to obtain with other coalescer designs. For example, the plate gaps within the coalescer can be varied in order to fine-tune the separator to maximize efficiency. After the installation process, flexibility means the ability to handle unforeseen wastewater conditions, changes in effluent limitations, or a change in the amount of solids present in the wastewater. The Multi -Pack Removable Plate Coalescer System allows the end user to adjust to any 5/16' right angle gap, in the field, by simply adding or removing the smooth, flat coalescer plates. If a higher efficiency is required down the road, just add additional plates and maximize the efficiency of the coalscer by increasing plate surface area--without any modifications to the separator or the coalescer! Have an issue with solids fouling certain areas of the coalescer? Simply pull plates only in these areas and keep the higher efficiency throughout the rest of the pack. The Multi-Pack can be fine-tuned in the field to meet your effluent efficiency needs as well as the maintenance requirements.

Another interesting way to utilize the adjustable plate feature is to keep tighter plate gaps toward to top of the coalescer pack, where there are typically fewer solids present, and larger plate gaps toward the bottom where solids concentrations are frequently higher.