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Founded in 1971, the company Irmãos Silvas S.A. `METALOGALVA`, is the oldest company of the Metalcon group. This industrial company has three industrial units occupying a total area of 44000m², and a total gross area of 160000m², having more than 400 employees. Metalogalva is specialized in the design and manufacture of metal structures , having the capacity and skils to perform prototype tests, assembling level and/or structural strength. Our products have application in several fields of activity, including energy, telecommunications, roads and railways, renewable energies and is usually subjected to a corrosion protection of hot dip galvanizing, with the possibility of painting complement system (duplex). The development and innovation of its products are a valuable asset to the customer, translated into confidence and recognition of several projects and facilities alocated worldwide.

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Maganha - Santiago de Bougado, Apartado 206 , Trofa , 4786-909 Portugal

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This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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As a complement to its product offerings, the company provides a range of services to their customers, plate cutting, bending, welding and hot dip galvanizing.

Customizing in its employees a culture of specialization, accuracy and full dedication, Metalogalva demonstrates the organization's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, following a Quality Management System according to ISO 9001:2008 certificate.

The reputation of Metalogalva exceeds its size, the result of sustained and continues improvement and dynamic of a custom carrier in its human resources, determining factor in a time of globalization, generating new challenges.

Metalogalva was establish in 1971, and then an industrial area of 500m2 approximately 3 employees and an annual turnover of 1500 eur.
Capable of dynamic growth, printed by the founding partners Mr. Adelino Santos Silva and Joaquim Santos Silva - since its foundation, is now a national enterprise with large deployment, and its ongoing internationalization.

As a result of its expansion and in order to meet increasingly their customers, Metalogalva quickly realized the need to make a qualitative leap in its organization.

To this end, developed and formalized its Quality Assurance System and has been certified according to NP EN ISO 9002 in February 2000 and NP EN ISO 9001 in December, which was crucial to maintain the company's success in a market increasingly selective.

The company currently has three industrial units occupying a total area of 44000m2, a total gross area of 160000m2, having employed over 300 employees and a turnover of around Euro 40 million as a result of constant technological change and increased productive verified which contributed to the partnership and loyalty of its customers.

Being a company of reference in its sector internationally.

Investigate, develop and innovate their products so that they are claiming as an added value to Customer, subject to the rules of sustainable growth.

Relationships with providers from the perspective of business partners, based on the principles of quality, trust and loyalty.

Promoting a strategy of excellence in customer service as a process of support, integrating all components and transversely to the structure, aiming at total customer satisfaction and retention.

The strategy of Metalogalva passing through sustained growth based on the verticality of the Group companies Metalcon integrating the area of the metalworking industry and also through the involvement of all employees in continuous improvement processes and commitment to contribute to integrated management.Short Period – the consolidation of positions acquired by the company in existing markets for action.Medium Term – approach to new markets through local partnerships.Long Term – strong focus on internationalization of the company by investing with local partners.