Metizoft AS

Metizoft AS is one of the world leading company to collect and make documentation of Green Passport for the ship-industry. We have a high-level quality standard and a software to manage the information. We also deliever software to vessels so they can handle the information when the vessel are in operation. Metizoft do also turn-key project for their customer. This way of solving the documentation process for the Inventory of hazarious materials is the easiest way for your company.

Company details 104 , Fosnavåg , 6099 Norway

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Software vendor
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Health and Safety - Hazardous Substances
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Globally (various continents)
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$1,000,000 US - $10,000,000 US

Who we are
Is there such a thing as a green industry?
It certainly could be, and by taking actions today we believe it will be a reality in the future.

Metizoft is among the worlds first and leading consulting companies with Green Passport/Inventory of Hazardous Materials (IHM) solutions delivered to shipyards, owners, suppliers and recycling facilities.

Our goal is to give your company a green profile either you are a constructor or a ship owner.

We believe that it is possible to make shipping a green process, all the way from production and operation, to recirculation and scrapping of vessels. By achieving a Green Passport / IHM sertification you are taking responsibility for the global climate, and also giving the employees offshore a safer place to work. By taking actions today you will be more able and prepared to handle the conventions that will be put into force in near future.

Our innovative solutions and hands-on knowledge is what you need to handle the process of getting a Green Passport. If you already have one, you would probably soon take on the process of getting an IHM approval. Save yourself the time and the money by handing the responsibility to us - we know, you know.

Metizoft delivers turn-key solutions in regards to Green Passport and the new IHM convention. In close cooperation with the largest classification companies we provide an IHM / Green Passport approval and verification service for both newbuilds and existing vessels. The IHM was previously called the Green Passport under the 2003 Guidelines on Ship Recycling.

With the new IHM (Inventory of Hazardous Materials) convention it is required to have a registration of all components and materials known to be potentially hazardous utilised in the construction of the ship, its equipment and systems. This responsibility falls on the successive owner of the ship and also to maintain the accuracy of the Green Passport / IHM and incorporate into it all relevant design and equipment changes, with the final owner delivering the document, with the ship, to the recycling facility.

The Green Passport / IHM is a document that at the first stage is produced by the shipyard at the construction stage and passed to the purchaser of the vessel. This document should be in a format that would enable any subsequent changes in materials or equipment to be recorded. In order to do this the registration is not only required during the building process, but all the way until the ship at some stage reach the end of its operating life.

We know that this can be a frustrating and time-consuming process both for the builder and the owner. To simplify this process we offer a complete solution for all types of vessels and maritime constructions that comes under the Green Passport resolution and IHM convention.

We are handling all the information regarding hazardous materials in line with the new IHM convention and all the responsibility for updates in line with the legislation is completely taken care of by us. At Metizoft we have the special competence needed to resolve these issues, ensuring that your company's environmental profile is being safeguarded in a professional way. The shipowner has all-time access to the IHM document through our online database system.

By handling over the Green Passport/IHM process to us, our clients can stay focused on their ordinarily management and save both time and money.


As one of the worlds first consultant companies with Green Passport / IHM solutions it could be tempting to be satisfied with the last years achievements and enjoy our position in the market. Still our focus is on the future and we believe that the world has only seen a small beginning of environmentally-friendly solutions within the maritime and offshore industry.

The maritime industry has developed rapidly and during the last 10 years it has gone through tremendous changes. From the focus on building the right kind of vessels for the right operation, it is now about creating a broader use for each ship and at the same time become a greener industry to save the environment from disasters.

Metizoft's vision is to continuously stay updated on the environmental legislation within the maritime industry, this to ensure that our clients is being offered the best possible service at all times.

If we are going to keep up with our vision we need to be in the future today. We need to ask our self the hard questions, and then come up with the right answers. So how are we going to manage that? It takes experience, boldness, creativity and initiative - and the resources are found in our people.

Beside our daily focus and development of services connected to Green Passport / IHM, we are continuously working on solutions that will satisfy future demands, both regulated by laws and lucrative for our clients business.

By taking a step forward today you can be a step ahead tomorrow. Take us sailing with you and we will make sure it will be a pleasant trip into the future. We know - you know.