Metrohm is a worldwide leading manufacturer of precision instruments for chemical analysis. In the field of electrochemical ion analysis Metrohm has been the unchallenged world number one for many years. This is reflected in the company’s comprehensive product range: pH meters, ion meters, conductometers, potentiometric, thermometric and Karl Fischer titration, polarography, voltammetry and CVS, ion chromatography, near-infrared spectroscopy, stability measurement of fats, oils and biofuels, process analysis. Automation in titration, voltammetry, ion chromatography and process control. However, Metrohm offer much more than just instruments. In their laboratories they develop customized applications to help their customers safeguard the quality of their products, comply with regulations and optimize processes. Metrohm is exclusively represented in more than 80 countries, in more than 40 of which they have their own subsidiaries.

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Ionenstrasse , Herisau , CH-9101 Switzerland

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Monitoring and Testing - Laboratory Equipment
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Globally (various continents)
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Our focus...
Throughout the world the demands placed by consumers on the quality and safety of products are continually increasing. In order to meet these demands, instruments and methods are necessary that allow to detect even the smallest traces of substances.

... your success
Metrohm is a worldwide leading manufacturer of precision instruments for chemical analysis. In the field of electrochemical ion analysis we have been the unchallenged world number one for many years. But we offer much more than just instruments. In our laboratories we develop tailor-made applications that help our customers to safeguard the quality of their products, to comply with regulations, and to optimize processes.

Our customers
Well-known companies from all industrial sectors rely on our instruments and applications. Our customers come from the chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries, as well as from the automotive and food sectors. The metal and electronics industries, water and environmental analysis and also research and training are further fields in which our analytical instruments provide highly accurate results.


The beginnings of Metrohm
The history of our company starts in 1943. That was when the engineer Bertold Suhner started constructing technical apparatus in Herisau, Switzerland. Bertold Suhner was a brilliant inventor. Among other things he constructed radios, oscilloscopes and teraohmmeters, i.e. instruments with which extremely strong electrical resistances can be measured.

We are independent
Bertold Suhner had a philosophy that still determines our thoughts and deeds today. Independence plays a central role in this philosophy. We have always grown from our own strength and have never surrendered our independence to banks or the stock market. This gives us the freedom to make long-term plans and decisions – in the interest of our customers, our employees and the region we call home.

Innovations made in Herisau/ Switzerland
We have been just as logical in developing and producing all our products ourselves. The know-how and the technology required to do this is enormous. But it’s well worth it. We are regarded as one of the most innovative companies in our branch. Our customers can rely on the high quality of our products. And our employees benefit from attractive and long-term secure employment.

Uncompromising quality
In a competition driven solely by price, quality will inevitably suffer. Therefore, we don’t even get involved in this type of competition. However, our products and services are the first choice for all those who demand uncompromising quality at a reasonable price.

100% made in Switzerland
It starts with the fact that we have not outsourced our production, but have retained it at our headquarters in Herisau. On top of this comes our manufacturing depth. Our customers can rely on the fact that virtually 100% of the components of a Metrohm instrument have been developed and manufactured in Herisau.

People make the difference
In the final analysis it is our employees who make the crucial difference. Responsibility for quality is not delegated at Metrohm, but is regarded as being the personal responsibility of each individual throughout each production step. This culture of care and self-responsibility pays for itself. An ever increasing number of customers rely on Swiss quality from Herisau and many have been loyal to our brand for decades.