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  • Wastewater Treatment Services

    Wastewater Treatment Services

    Whether industrial or municipal, Microbial Discovery Group’s proprietary platforms address the variety of challenges associated with wastewater treatment. MDG is passionate about applying real science to find innovative solutions to today’s challenges. This foundation, along with the implementation of trusted processes are what we believe makes the difference in providing proven success with our customers. Our production and research...

  • Biosolutions Services

    Biosolutions Services

    Defining and delivering innovative biological solutions is our business. When Microbial Discovery Group begins a new relationship, we work together with your team to identify your specific and unique needs. Our experts offer everything from novel strain isolation, new product innovation, culture scale up, large-scale manufacturing and technical and sales support.

  • Research & Development Services

    Research & Development Services

    Innovation that changes how the game is played. The research and development that goes into the everyday workflow at MDG is extensive.  As we isolate new strains unique to specific applications, we are in the business of discovery and make it our mission to set new standards for the industry.

  • Manufacturing Services

    Manufacturing Services

    Microbial Discovery Group answers the call for flexibility in manufacturing. Growing individual pure cultures is our specialty, allowing us to provide single strains or proprietary custom blends.

  • Technical Support Services

    Technical Support Services

    Allowing MDG to conduct your training, educational programs and field support programs certifies your team will better understand the product, leading to a higher success rate. Microbial Discovery Group takes the product created for clients one step beyond just delivery.  MDG offers training, educational programs and field support programs following product delivery to guarantee your bio-augmentation program is successful.

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  • Bioremediation for Soils, Sludge and Water Treatment

    Bioremediation for Soils, Sludge and Water Treatment

    The remediation of soils, sludge, and water require more than just the addition of packaged microbes.  Microbial Discovery Group can assist you in applying a total systems approach to soil bioremediation. Here in the US, sometimes we take for granted how precious it is to have non-contaminated soils and water.  In many countries, industrial pollution has destroyed the soil and water ecosystems leading to toxic concerns and poor health. We at...

  • Institutional and Consumer Services

    Institutional and Consumer Services

    Microbial Discovery Group’s commitment to developing unique and differentiated formulations combined with stringent stability testing and quality control ensures your product success in the marketplace. Biological products have been used in the institutional and consumer markets for decades. Our green technologies are commonly used to solve problems such as drain clogging, odors and waste digestion in a safe and non-corrosive manner. This...

  • Custom Fermentation Services

    Custom Fermentation Services

    Microbial Discovery Group’s deep expertise in custom fermentation affords you the confidence to expect high quality, consistent scaled-up strains delivered back to you with efficiency and integrity. Getting your strain to market in the shortest amount of time is what we do best!  Strains, refined and delivered.