MicroBio Engineering, Inc. (MBE)

MicroBio Engineering, Inc. (MBE)

MicroBio Engineering (MBE), Inc. is a consulting and engineering firm specializing in the design and construction of algae ponds for wastewater reclamation, biofuel production, microalgae feeds and specialty products. MicroBio Engineering, Inc. provides state of the art algae biomass production equipment from laboratory scale to full scale. MicroBio is partnered with Colorado Lining International, the leading liner company, which has experience installing liners for a multitude of applications across the globe. MicroBio provides start-up, training, operation and maintenance manuals, and troubleshooting services.

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PO Box 15821 , San Luis Obispo , CA 93406 USA
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Water Treatment
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Globally (various continents)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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MicroBio Engineering, Inc. is a microalgae biotechnology company focused on developing near- to mid-term algae-based wastewater treatment, renewable energy and animal feed production systems.

Microalgae cultivation in conjunction with the treatment of nutrient-rich waste streams is the most immediately practical and economical technology for biofuel production.

MBE was founded as a consulting partnership in 2007 by Drs. John Benemann and Tryg Lundquist, and incorporated in California in July of 2009. Dr. Benemann started studying the use of microalgae for wastewater treatment, renewable energy and other applications during the 1970s, when he conducted research at the University of California, Berkeley in collaboration with the late Professor William Oswald, a pioneer in this field. Dr. Lundquist, a professional engineer, also worked with Professor Oswald at Berkeley, starting in 1988. He joined the faculty at Cal Poly in 2006, and has worked with pilot and full scale algal wastewater treatment including at the cities of Delhi, St. Helena, Hollister, and Hilmar.

Since its founding, MBE has supported a wide variety of corporate, government and university clients in understanding the scientific and engineering aspects of algae cultivation.

Key areas of expertise include:

  • the use of algae to treat agricultural, commercial and municipal waste streams,
  • the production of oil by algae,
  • low cost algae harvesting,
  • algae for animal and aquaculture feed,
  • and algae biomass digestion.