MicroCool, are world leaders in high pressure humidification, cooling and dust supression systems. Founded in 1981,the company designs, builds and services system in all parts of the globe. A Leader in Atomized Fog Technology to Control Humidity and Provide Process Cooling. Create the ideal, flexible level of humidity for industrial and process cooling applications across a single room or an entire factory floor or greenhouse environment. Using state-of-the-art engineered systems, MicroCool delivers a high-pressure flash evaporative, 10-micron atomized fog. Integrated pump and nozzle modules are designed and manufactured in the U.S.A. (since 1981) and are distributed worldwide.

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72216 Northshore St., #103-104 , Thousand Palms , California 92276-2324 USA
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Air and Climate
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Globally (various continents)

Since 1980, MicroCool has led the adiabatic cooling industry with innovative ideas and engineering breakthroughs.

It all began when two forward-thinking engineers just wanted a way to escape the desert heat in that summer of 1980, and knew others did, too. Their innovative answer? MicroCool adiabatic fog technology. They knew they had a winner when the patio at Las Casuellas Terraza restaurant went from empty to standing-room-only on that 115° F Sunday. And when the fire department showed up to put out the smoky “fire,” they made front-page and television news. The two promoters suddenly had a new dream product to promote and Outdoor Cooling was born. Soon, customers the world over were finding added uses for MicroCool systems -- in horticulture and manufacturing, and myriad other applications from Canada to Europe to the sands of Saudi Arabia.

By the beginning of the 90’s it was clear that the rest of the world agreed that EEC (Environmental Engineering Concepts) was on to something big. Despite the many cheaper, inferior products that appeared on the scene, MicroCool stood out head and shoulders above the rest as leaders in adiabatic cooling worldwide. The decision was made not to compete with the low-cost imitators, but to take the high road and continue to produce only the best possible products – leading to the introduction of our breakthrough E-range pump modules.

With the purchase of EEC by the Nortec Group in 2001, an entirely new focus was initiated: an Industrial sales focus on humidification and process cooling. The Company seriously concentrated on increasing sales for larger industrial and horticultural applications. Much larger, higher-end pump modules and accessories were incorporated for industry and greenhouse, resulting in the largest project to date, a Bechtel specified LNG cooling system using over 10,000 nozzles.

Midway through 2009, a core group of MicroCool management successfully struggled to wrest MicroCool back from the Swiss Giant. Under the new management, all pump module manufacturing was returned to the Desert. MicroCool moved to a much larger, 10,000 square foot facility. A UL certified electrical panel room was installed so that all pumps can be shipped with that important designation! All equipment was redesigned to fulfill a specific purpose, and the FOCUS, Hummingbird, IBEX, Rhino, and Bighorn ranges were born, along with a brand new concept in stainless-steel line, the ROC line. Fully engineered, complete turnkey MicroCool systems are being installed all over the world. And the list of satisfied MicroCool customers continues to grow.