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  • Minergy GlassPack - The New Standard in Sludge Use

    Minergy GlassPack - The New Standard in Sludge Use

    Sludge disposal has traditionally posed significant and difficult problems for wastewater treatment facilities. Minergy’s GlassPack® sludge melter solves those problems by converting sludge into a usable glass product using an environmentally sound method.

  • Minergy - Glass Aggregate Technology

    Minergy - Glass Aggregate Technology

    Minergy Corp. Develops Innovative Technology: Wastewater treatment systems, both industrial and municipal, produce large quantities of sludge that require disposal. Unfortunately, sludge disposal poses significant environmental liabilities, logistical problems and economic burdens.

  • Minergy - Glass Furnace Technology

    Minergy - Glass Furnace Technology

    Molten Lower Fox River SedimentMinergy’s Glass Furnace Technology is used to process fly ash, bottom ash, contaminated sediments and soils into glass aggregate. The system builds upon Glass Furnace Technology that has been used for centuries to melt minerals into glass. The primary feature is a melter constructed of refractory brick that has a high melting point and provides a high degree of insulation.

  • Minergy - Model LWA - Lightweight Aggregate

    Minergy - Model LWA - Lightweight Aggregate

    Minergy’s LWA production facility was constructed as a means to beneficially reuse coal combustion fly ash from a power plant located in Oak Creek, Wis. LWA was commercially produced between 1994 and 2000, at which time the properties of the fly ash changed as a result of a new source of coal, thus allowing the fly ash to be marketed directly into the concrete industry without additional processing. This plant combined the fly ash, paper mill...