ML will celebrate its 50th year in continuous operation in 2015, and has been manufacturing shaftless screws since 1972. ML has thousands of installations for screw conveyor transport, unloading and storage systems throughout the world, with many of the largest shaftless screw installations in Europe, Asia, the United States and Canada. ML is one of the pioneers of the technology to transport wet, sticky and difficult materials with a high risk of clogging.

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Water and Wastewater - Water Filtration and Separation
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Globally (various continents)
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ML has in excess of 40 years experience in the design, manufacture and applications of shaftless and shafted screw conveyor transport and storage systems with thousands of installations worldwide. ML performed the detailed spiral engineering for a multitude of large installations throughout the world, in close cooperation with large OEM conveyor manufacturers. ML spirals are the key component in many of the most difficult conveyor applications.

ML offers the following services to their clients

The strongest and most robust alloy steel spirals manufactured from high tensile alloy steels, cold formed in a multitude of close tolerance diameters , and pitches, up to 762 mm (30 inch) in diameter, and greater, and in a variety of bar sizes as large as 120 x 30 mm (4.8 inches x 1.2 inches)

  • Availability of various Brinnell hardness (BHN ) spirals for special applications
  • Availability of various stainless steels (SS) for food and other hygienic applications
  • Engineering support for horizontal, inclined and vertical conveying, as well as storage, unloading and loading applications.
  • Spiral application technology supported by US and European patents
  • Original design replacement and spare parts for Conveyor systems manufactured by Spaans Babcock, Spaans Bulk Handling Systems, Asdor, US Filter, Siemens as well as other shaftless and shafted Conveyor manufacturers.

Replacement spirals, liners and other parts for any conveyor manufacturer. ML offers the largest range of screw diameters available.

Specialists in Spiral Conveying and Separation

ML's origins date from its founding in Sweden in 1965. ML has developed a complete portfolio of separation products manufactured in Stainless Steel for the Municipal and Industrial wastewater industry, as well as various industrial applications.

The Separation products have been licensed worldwide.

ML was one of the early pioneers and developers of shaftless screw or spiral technology to transport wet, sticky materials with a high risk of clogging.

ML has been manufacturing these spirals continuously in our dedicated factory in Sweden since 1972.

The roots of this technology evolve from this part of Sweden owing to the expertise and availability of special alloy steels and quality of stainless steel.

In 2004 ML acquired the shafted screw technology of Spaans Bulk Handling Systems (Spaans BHS), formerly the material handling group within Spaans Babcock BV of the Netherlands.

This technology was previously marketed in North America by companies such Asdor, US Filter succeeded by Siemens.

ML has the ability and expertise to offer both ML Shaftless screw technology as well as the Shafted screw technology developed by Spaans. This generic type of conveyor, much more robust than the typical CEMA type conveyor, is present in the largest and most complex dewatered sludge cake installations in the USA and Canada.

ML from its locations in Canada and Sweden, ML markets directly to municipalities, industries and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). In some geographic territories, ML markets through Distributors, Licensees and Independent Sales Representatives.