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MPR Associates

MPR Associates

Every day, MPR`s motivated and talented engineering professionals make a difference in locations around the world. We`re working to solve energy shortages by helping to develop the next generation of technologies and improving the operations of existing power plants, and we`re applying advanced technologies to ensure cleaner air and water. MPR is developing innovative medical devices and biotechnology products that offer solutions to world health problems, and we`re on the frontier of smart technologies, developing innovative improvements to make critical systems more secure.

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320 King Street, Suite 400 , Alexandria , Virginia 22314 USA
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Engineering service provider
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Globally (various continents)

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In 1964, three top engineers who led the U.S. Navy nuclear power program founded MPR, incorporating this same level of technical rigor, business integrity, and leadership into the world of commercial engineering.

Today, their same relentless innovative spirit thrives in an interdisciplinary company employing about 250 engineers and scientists across a broad range of industries and applications. With more than 35 patents and more than 70 first-of-a-kind technology solutions, MPR is continually recognized for technical excellence in meeting demanding engineering challenges.

MPR engineers work in and across multiple disciplines, enabling them to achieve solutions that come with varied experience and skills. Their rigorous application of our proven processes consistently leads to effective solutions, first-of-a-kind technologies with broad applications, and discerning strategic insights that give our clients a strong return on their investment. Our engineers take a holistic systems approach to every effort, continually focusing on how actions in one area can affect other aspects of our clients' enterprises. We share our clients' sense of urgency and dedication by keeping them informed and involved, anticipating their needs, and responding quickly to their requests.

In 1964, three men set out to form a company built around technical excellence. Their intent was to perform engineering distinguished for its rigor and effectiveness. The three – Harry Mandil, Bob Panoff and Ted Rockwell – had been instrumental in the U.S. Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program, where their values were forged. MPR is thriving 50 years later; a testimony to their vision, and to the MPR culture that grew around it. MPR employees do more than simply fill roles on projects – we grasp the depth of our customers’ challenges and apply insight honed by experience to develop solutions with lasting impact. Recently, a client referred to MPR as a “peerless engineering company,” a satisfying affirmation of our founders’ objective.

The current times at MPR are exciting. Our business is growing and diversifying, our customers value our contributions more than ever, and our employees continue to grow and strengthen our core. Our projects make a beneficial difference in the world around us. Although our founders have passed on, we are confident they would be proud of MPR. The vision of MPR’s technical excellence, having an important role in our clients’ business success, continues to play out, one project at a time.

Without diminishing the past 50 years, it is future opportunities and potential impacts that really capture the passion of our employees. MPR people love working in industry with colleagues, taking on the latest challenges, and finding better ways to do things. As a result, we expect to make major contributions in energy, infrastructure, and health care solutions – in the U.S. and around the globe – while maintaining and strengthening our core MPR values: Excellence, Leadership, Teamwork, Accountability and Integrity.

We tell prospective employees that MPR is about a career, not just a job, and invite each to join us on our journey of excellence. Each customer and business partner is also part of that journey, and we look forward to traveling it together. Thank you to all who are part of MPR’s family and have helped make a difference: past, present and future.


MPR accomplishes challenging tasks that benefit society in many ways. We bring exceptional value to our clients by committing to their success, working collaboratively, fulfilling our promises, and exceeding their expectations. We achieve on their behalf through engineering excellence, innovation, and creativity, carried out by highly talented professionals working in a premier environment.

MPR was founded 50 years ago by three industry-leading engineers, I. Harry Mandil, Robert Panoff, and Theodore Rockwell, whose vision to create a client-driven, excellence-oriented, 'First Principles' based firm is still at the core of our organization. They can be seen in the photo, above, meeting with Glenn Seaborg (second from left), discoverer of plutonium, shortly after MPR's founding. Today, MPR stays true to their vision by remaining focused on the big picture. We're energized and inspired by projects that have real-world impact. We're dedicated to helping our clients achieve success by innovating market-leading technology solutions and processes that focus on sustainable business practices. We consider ourselves strategic partners with our clients and responsible industry leaders. Our culture of cross-disciplinary interaction, research, and knowledge-sharing helps us stay at the forefront of emerging technologies and anticipate trends and innovations. Because we break through difficult technology challenges and work across sectors and disciplines, we have the ability to react and adapt to any type of technology problem effectively.

MPR is a client-oriented and responsive organization. Our dedicated employees get tough jobs done on time and within budget. We are always driven by quality, even under time-critical challenges. We deal directly with our clients and each other, including responsibly presenting bad news when needed.

We seek long-term client relationships based on value, trust, and integrity. We maintain high ethical standards, continually improving our quality and expanding our capabilities. MPR provides a supportive, productive, and satisfying workplace because our employees are our most valuable assets. Our success and expansion let us enhance opportunities for personal growth, professional development, and reward. We promote teamwork, demand accountability, and encourage personal development.

We evaluate our performance - both as an enterprise and as individuals - based on the following:

  • Meeting our commitments
  • Achieving technical excellence
  • Providing client value
  • Fostering a premier work environment
  • Valuing teamwork among ourselves and with our clients
  • Establishing trust among ourselves and with our clients
  • Creating innovative solutions
  • Exhibiting leadership at all levels