The N-Viro conversion process recycles bioorganic materials such as wastewater residuals, livestock manure, and paper pulp remains. The resource conversion method know as the N-Viro process involves mixing a bioorganic (biosolids, animal manure, pulp and paper sludge, food processing waste, waste paper and cardboard, and other industrial organic waste, such as fermentation biomass and pharmaceutical waste) with alkaline reagents that prepare the bioorganic for a chemical conversion to a biomass-derived fuel. N-Viro Fuel™, is an alternative energy fuel produced from bioorganics that can reduce fossil-based emissions and brings additional greenhouse gas mitigation by avoiding methane release from otherwise land filled disposal.

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2254 Centennial Road , Toledo , 43617-1870 OH USA

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Business Type:
Service provider
Industry Type:
Water and Wastewater
Market Focus:
Nationally (across the country)
Year Founded:
$1,000,000 US - $10,000,000 US

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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N-Viro International Corporation, founded in 1993 in Toledo, Ohio, is a technology, service, and process handling firm specializing in resource conversion. For over a decade, the company has been a leader in the process conversion of bioorganic materials. N-Viro International Corporation integrates advanced technology with 21st-century design for successful commercial application of its alternative energy product, N-Viro Fuel.

The N-Viro International Corporation industry brand recognition, strategic alliances in the United States and in the international marketplace and patented technological innovations are its distinctive assets; its vision is to produce a renewable energy resource to sustain a green energy future. With more than two decades of experience in operations and management, N-Viro International Corporation is poised for the commercial application of N-Viro Fuel.

The development of N-Viro's patented fuel technology has created an entirely new market for the Company. This one asset has changed the company outlook and direction. We feel the future of the company is in our fuel technology. The Company holds International and U.S. patents in the area of bioorganic waste treatment and conversion to biomass fuel. N-Viro International Corporation is a public company traded on the OTC markets with the stock symbol NVIC.

Alternative Energy Sources-Our Energy Future Depends on Diversifying Our Fuel Mix
Together with the rising cost of fossil fuel prices and end-use energy efficiency trends, the levels of alternative energy generation is projected to increase. Industry experts agree, the way we generate electricity will change. We rely on fossil fuels like coal for 50% of our electricity, but demand for alternative energy fuel products has dramatically increased due to Federal and State programs, including the Federal renewable fuels standard (RFS) and the State Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS).

There is significant potential to use bioorganics beneficially for energy recovery and State RPS mandates are acting as catalysts driving the alternative energy market to our doorstep.

Two decades ago, we discovered a recycling innovation technology

We were one of the first companies to safely treat wastewater residuals and transform them into beneficial products.  The Company was formed to capitalize on the changing regulations in the wastewater treatment industry. The federal Clean Water Act mandated improved treatment of wastewater residuals.

The N-Viro conversion process safely recycles bioorganics such as wastewater residuals, livestock manure and paper pulp remains. The resource conversion process incorporates mineral by-products that have an alkaline reagent to stabilize, pasteurize and reduce odors. The finished product known as N-Viro Soil™ regenerates soil for increased harvests. For over two decades, we have used the N-Viro process commercially for wastewater residuals, pharmaceutical and livestock wastes.

Public opinion is altering policy.

The public is quite clear on its priorities for protecting the environment. The majority of Americans support mandates that increase energy efficiency with alternative energy products.

Climate change and public opinion drive us to introduce the latest innovations to the world - alternative energy fuel.

Just as we capitalized on changing regulations in the 90’s, today we need less carbon in the atmosphere as climate change statistics make daily headlines.

In response to this need, N-Viro International Corporation invested in a promising technology that provides an immediate solution to excess carbon emissions and supports a low carbon economy. N-Viro Fuel™, is an alternative energy fuel produced from bioorganics that can reduce fossil-based CO2 emissions and brings additional greenhouse gas mitigation by avoiding CH4 (methane) release from otherwise land filled disposal. Methane is 21 times more potent than CO2 in terms of global warming impact.

We are leading the future of socially responsible energy.

N-Viro is well-positioned to benefit from the focus on environmental issues.

Our Mission - Reuse - Recycle

We are a technology and service firm specializing in:

  • Sourcing and Managing Bioorganic Materials
  • Exclusive Process Know How
  • Market to Industrial and Utility Industries
  • Service Offering Value Equation

The Five “R’s”

  • Regain Global Atmospheric Balance
  • Reuse Bioorganic Materials
  • Replace Fossil Fuels
  • Reduce Carbon Pollution
  • Responsible Conservation


  • Our special task is to make alternative energy
  • Our source materials are used and unwanted
  • Our process is not complex but has powerful results
  • N-Viro Fuel replaces fossil fuel
  • It is all about conserving our resources and creating harmony
  • Surplus, excess, discarded wastes are a process burden
  • It is our business to remove the problem and change it for the better

Global Leader in Alternative Energy to Preserve the Environment

We see N-Viro International Corporation as a global leader in resource conversion technology.

We support responsible reuse methods to preserve the environment.

We are committed to the control of bioorganic wastes to make alternative energy to power every city across the globe.

Where Are We Headed

The N-Viro management team regularly evaluates Company goals and objectives by integrating a number of analytics, core business experience, and instinctive knowledge to determine direction and focus.

The target objectives are not commands that determine the future but commitments to strengthen and stimulate the Company to achieve.

Strategic Objectives

  • Focus on high growth markets to achieve desirable return on investment
  • Deliver comprehensive solutions to potential and existing customers
  • Extend and expand technologies to capture new market segments
  • Strengthen and expand our industry relationships to position the Company for growth

Value Creating strategy

Our business strategy is to create value for the company, our customers, the environment, and our shareholders.

Our value creating strategy commitment centers on these company goals.

  • To deliver comprehensive solutions to existing customers
  • To optimize our process for increased production
  • To design service programs to meet the needs of potential customer
  • To strengthen our share position in the alternative energy market
  • To modify and enhance our technology offering to compete in new areas of energy conversion
  • To expand industry relationships

We continue to diversify our revenue sources, market segments and product offerings to deliver the greatest value to all stakeholders.