Nagaoka International Corporation

Nagaoka International Corporation

Nagaoka is proud to be the leading engineering and consulting firm providing total solutions for water intake, purification and treatment. Our groundwater intake technology is the standard in Japan and our biological groundwater treatment can remove high-concentration iron, manganese and ammonia nitrogen; and is beneficial for rural or small-scale waterworks services for sustainable supply of safe drinking water. Our new technology for high-speed sub-seabed infiltration system will bring high efficiency, cost-saving and environmentally friendly processes in seawater intake. Nagaoka’s continuous challenge and technology development contributes to the world of water.

Company details

6-1 Nagisa-cho, Izumiotsu-city , Osaka , 595-0055 Japan

Locations Served

Business Type:
Engineering service provider
Industry Type:
Water and Wastewater - Water Treatment
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)

Both “Water” and “Energy” are essential factors for life.  We developed technologies to bring them in the most effective method and yet in environmentally friendly manner, which is adaptive anywhere throughout the world.

For many people suffering from water shortage, especially in developing countries, our technology enables to obtain safe drinking water by use of NAGAOKA Screen, and ensures sustainable and economical supply by use of NAGAOKA CHEMILESⓇ.   Please visit “PRODUCTS” in our Web Pages for further details.

CHEMILES received Global Honour Award of IWA-PIA 2010 for its efficient and innovative technology, and NAGAOKA Screen received Global Honour Award of IWA-PIA 2012 for its effectiveness in water intake used for rehabilitation of clogged water wells.  IWA has its own biennial program to award innovative technologies, and we have been awarded consecutively which is the first achievement in Japan.

For Energy fields, we have been supplying Screen Internals for Oil Refineries and Petrochemical Plants.  Such Process Equipment is helping to produce clean energy with efficient reduction of CO2 and sulfurs.

Our global activities will be further enhanced and extended to enter into Chinese Market including construction of new factories in Dalian and Shenyang, China so that we can serve more and faster to any potential customers.

NAGAOKA is here to serve and obtain satisfaction from all Customers and Stakeholders, and we are prepared to establish always “Win – Win” relationship.  Our aim is to serve globally to satisfy the requirement and needs by our persistent effort for technology development, in pursuit of our Corporate Philosophy “Each and every effort for Customers”.

Qualified Vendor of Process Licensors

  • UOP(USA),AXENS(France) : Refineries and Petrochemicals,
  • Shell(Holland),Chevron(USA),: Refineries,
  • Lummus Technologies(USA), Bader(USA): Styrene Monomer,
  • KBR(USA), Haldor Topsoe(Denmark): Ammonia

Engineering and co-development Agreement with UOP

  • Experience, Technology and result of Products and Quality management
  • Providing technical afterservice with supervisor throughout the world
  • Sell developed special machine for fabrication
  • State-of-the-art manufacturing factory of Large-scale product
  • Coastal location eliminates transportation limit