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  • Zero-Valent Iron Nanoparticles (NZVI)

    NANOFER products are available in a form of dry powder, water slurry or they can be delivered in a custom made specification with organic or/and inorganic modification of particles. Every product exhibits an unique set of properties resulting in different reactivity with contaminants, mobility in the aquifer, shelflife and longevity. Our nanoparticles exhibit an average size of 50 nm, an average surface area of 20-25 m2/g and a high content of iron. The most common application of NZVI is the

  • NANOFER - Model 25DS - Aqueous Dispersion of Fe(0) Nanoparticles

    NANOFER - Model 25DS - Aqueous Dispersion of Fe(0) Nanoparticles

    A novel aqueous dispersion of Fe(0) nanoparticles coated by inorganic sulphur-based structures. The product is extremly efficient in reduction of TCE while it keeps stable in water environment resulting in much better shelf life and longevity in comparision to standard products. The reactivity of NANOFER 25DS to chlorinated hydrocarbons is probably attributed to the higher hydrophobicity and conductivity of sulfide structures compared to iron oxides...

  • Custom Made NZVI Products

    Custom Made NZVI Products

    It is possible to disperse NANOFER dry powder (25P or STAR) in various liquids in order to improve stability and migration, prevent agglomeration or adjust the reactivity of nanoparticles. Another intention might be a combination of nZVI and other compounds to create completly new products with unique features for alternative application. Please see few examples bellow.

  • ENVIFER - Dry Potassium Ferrate

    ENVIFER - Dry Potassium Ferrate

    Potassium ferrate containing product (ferrate = iron in high oxidation state) having powerful oxidation properties coupled with coagulation and disinfection ability.

  • Colloidal Silver 100ppm

    Colloidal Silver 100ppm

    Silver has been used for fighting germs and preventing infections for centuries. The nano form of this material is becomming even more popular due to easy applicability and product availability, well known antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties are enhanced by small particle size and large surface area (nanoparticles are thus more efficient). The product serves for modification of cosmetic products, paintings or other individual...

  • Equipments

    Highly reactive products deserve a careful care. Therefore, we offer unique technologies for purchase or rent that have been designed for processing of our products in order to achieve the best result of your application and make the work easier and safer. You find here dispersion units for processing of dry NANOFER powder into a slurry form, dosing units and others including equipment for laboratories.

  • Industrial Dispersion Unit

    Industrial Dispersion Unit

    Device for manufacturing of nZVI slurry from pyrophoric dry substances under an innert atmosphere. Batch capacity: 150L.

  • Dosing Unit

    Dosing Unit

    Device for continuous in-line dilution of nZVI slurry to desired concentration.

  • Sequential Batch Reactor

    Sequential Batch Reactor

    Laboratory reactor for testing of various products. Processing under controlled conditions, on-line measurement of physico-chemical parameters etc.

  • Laboratory Dispersion Unit

    Laboratory Dispersion Unit

    Device for manufacturing of nZVI slurry from the dry pyrophoric powder under an innert atmosphere. Batch capacity: 500mL.

  • Laboratory Shaker

    Laboratory Shaker

    Device for shaking of contaminated water together with solid fraction (soil and particles).